Thinking about having a beach wedding? For the shore lovers, a beach wedding is highly romantic and intimate. The sound of the surfs, serene environment, sand between the toes, and the sultry salt-tinged air makes the perfect setup for taking your wedding vows. Things become more interesting when you invite your office gang, friends, and family to take part in your celebration of love. Beach weddings are memorable and fun. But to make sure that everything goes on smoothly here’s what you need to know when planning a beach wedding.

Public or private beach location:

The first thing you need to decide is whether to choose a public beach or a private beach. A public beach is where anyone can swim, sunbathe, and get married. If you are comfortable with a public beach wedding, start your search early – to reserve a section of the beach for your wedding. You also need to take a permit from the local or state authorities for decoration, food, music, etc. Also, plan in advance the clean-up schedule post the marriage.

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A private beach wedding is more secluded and intimate. But you need to search for a villa and an owner who is ready to rent the place for hosting the wedding. If you’ve your own or a generous friend’s villa near the beach then it’s cherry on the cake.

Marriage ceremony or reception or both:

You need to understand the difference between conducting a full-fledged beach wedding followed by a grand reception, and hosting the ceremony at a beach followed by a reception at a resort or hotel.

Permits and ordinances for your beach wedding will depend upon the number of guests and the scale of the ceremony. The easiest way is to host the ceremony at the beach and reception at a nearby resort. You can easily find a booking at a beach banquet hall if your wedding is in the off-season. If not, begin your search early.

Beach wedding invitations:

Once you have decided the location and type of beach wedding you want, you now need to list down the people you would like to invite to your wedding. Remember, if it’s a destination beach wedding, you need to stick to the budget. You can’t invite everyone to the destination wedding. You also need to get your beach theme wedding invitations printed. Beach wedding invitations must be unique and exquisite.

Permits and ordinances:

Once you have decided the location and number of guests, you need to take the permit of the local authorities. While most of the beaches are open to everyone, you must always check with the government department to see if there are any regulations regarding gatherings. Rules and policies might differ according to the state and country. For example, small gatherings (50 people or less) for a beach wedding generally do not need any permit. As the count of people increases, the more permits you’ll need.

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Accessibility and accommodation:

If you are planning a destination beach wedding, you’ll need to decide about the accommodation of your guests and the accessibility to the beach venue. The best way is to book a resort near the beach site so the guests can easily reach the venue.

You should also check the tides and weather conditions before hosting a wedding on the beach.

If done right, your beach wedding will turn out to be inspirational and memorable for your friends and guests.


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