Wedding Invitations are customary as weddings, grand or simple call for a celebration with one’s friends or relatives as this is a moment to rejoice in one’s life. Creating happy memories with your loved ones give immense happiness and joy. Secondly, marriage, though a personal choice has the social sanction and religious approval. Sending out invitations to invite people to attend the wedding ceremony is the part of the customs and traditions of any culture.

With the change in times, invitations have become an important part of the wedding preparations. Earlier, invitations were more or less to fulfill a purpose to provide information of time and venue. They are now of bigger significance as people like to send across a message of style and grandeur to their guests. Theme and Destination Weddings have changed the outlook and given birth to creativity and beauty at their best in the form of beautifully Crafted Invitation Cards that are not only exclusive and unique but also speak volumes of the host’s panache and enthusiasm in celebrating this occasion.

Ribbon and Multilayered Cards

Card designers and printers are no longer working on limited ideas with a few sample cards to cater for all the clients. These are the times when the clients have a broader view of things and are looking for innovative and creative ideas that somewhere match with what they have in mind. Expertise and experience of the designer play an important role in producing something ethereal and magical.

We at Indian Wedding Card love to bring to your doorstep the invitation cards that reflect soft, delicate femininity in the form of these Handcrafted Cards which are layered and adding to their beauty are the ribbons which create a blend of elegance and grace and reflect the thoughtfulness as well as the sophistication of the host in the best possible manner. These cards have accompaniments in the form of envelopes which complement the look. The variety of colors to choose from can range from rich and vibrant hues to sober and classy ones. These Ribbon and Multilayered Cards create a magical effect with the most intricate and superbly crafted invitations which are one of a kind and reflect on your taste and make an unmatched style statement.

Ribbon and Multilayered Wedding Cards

These invitations are available in sizes, big and small on the variety of paper chosen by the customer that may be shimmery or handmade. The paper may be in self-designed patterns or the plain ones, depending on the choice made by the customer.

Indian Wedding Card, an online store is a true trendsetter that specializes in all variety of invitation cards which are admired and appreciated all across the globe for the immaculate workmanship and truly professional attitude. Our magnanimous range has it all, class and panache to cater for whatever our customer’s ideas are. We are happy to let the invitation cards be customized or personalized according to the customer’s preference truly, identifying with his/her persona.

Browse through our fine collection and check for yourself the finesse and acumen displayed by us in each of our invites. Order your free samples today!


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