Having designer wedding invitations for your big day is an excellent way to make a good impression on your guests. But selecting just one type of invitation from the hundreds that are out there can seem next-to-impossible.

The following tips can help you select the best designer wedding invitations for your nuptials:

Select your Wedding Theme:

The venue, time of day and level of formality will define the style of your wedding. There are many types of wedding styles ranging from casual to relaxed, classic to contemporary, and modern to conservative. Your wedding invitations are going to hint at your wedding style, so choose accordingly. For example, if you’re planning a simple, country wedding, an invite featuring floral prints and nature motifs is suitable. For a wedding at a posh hotel venue, a foil print or embossed card is ideal.

Decide on the Colors:

If you plan to have a coordinated wedding, decide on the main colors that you’d like to include. For a Hindu wedding, red, maroon and gold are quite popular. For a Christian wedding, cream, white, black and white are the ideal choice. For a Muslim Nikaah card, purple, green and gold are the most popular choice. After you’ve decided on your colors, choose a wedding invite in the same color scheme.

Muslim Cards

Select an Invite Style:

Apart from the traditional card style invite, there are a myriad other options. Some of the most popular choices are scrolls, card with box, odd shape invitations, laser cut cards and invites fashioned from handmade paper. Choose a style that is most befitting your wedding arrangements. For example, for an elegant, religious ceremony, a scroll invitation is both classic and sophisticated. For a contemporary celebration, a jacket style card is more apt.

Laser Cut invitaions

Opt for an Invitation Suite:

Nothing screams stylish than a complete invitation suite. You can have it designed in the same design and color scheme as your main invitation. Even if you don’t plan to have a complete invitation suite, consider having the essentials such as a Thank You card, RSVP card, Table cards and gift bag.

RSVP Cards

Order a Sample and order Early!

With the number of choices out there, it is very easy to get overwhelmed very quickly! The best thing to do is to decide on at least 5 invitation styles that you like and order their samples. Sometimes having a sample at hand can be the deciding factor.

Ensure you order your samples early. Your guests should get at least one month’s notice before your wedding. This figure changes to 6 months if it’s a destination wedding. If you’re ordering samples, then consider adding on an extra month!

By following the tips mentioned here, you can choose the perfect designer wedding invitations. Visit Indian Wedding Card to order your today.


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