Wedding invitations offer the exciting prospect of selecting fonts that we usually don’t use in our day-to-day lives. Now you can experiment and choose the font that best speaks your heart for your wedding invite. Are you the elegant, formal bride? A traditional bride? Or a casual bohemian bride? Choose a font that speaks of your personality, and let people know that everything in the wedding, even the invites font reflects your choice. 

The Rules for Fonts Are Simple
It’s your wedding and there are no set norms as to which font you can choose. However, a font must be legible, eminently readable and must look good. If you stick to these three rules, you should be able to choose a font that speaks for you while looking good for the invite.

Elegant Fonts Go Best With Formal Church Wedding Ideas
Opt for elegant fonts that mimic cursive handwriting. The most elegant script fonts don’t look like real handwriting. They are looped and are reminiscent of old-world scripting that’s very romantic. Some of the best choices in this area are scripts such as Palace Script, Edwardian Script, and Exmouth.

Try a softer style if you’re inclined, choosing from Typographer Rotunda or Cresci Rotunda. Apart from these, try calligraphy fonts such as Bispo for elegance and greater readability. Vivaldi and Blackadder are two fonts that are used for printing certificates; these are suitable for wedding invites as well.

Casual Fonts Suitable For Traditional Style Weddings
If you’re planning a less formal, more casual style wedding, you’ll want your wedding invitations to reflect the casual feel of the celebrations. You could opt for a Noodle Script or a quirky font such as Caffe Latte. If you’re very particular about delivering a personal touch, you could write out the invite in your best handwriting and scan it for the invite.

Tie your Wedding Font to Your Wedding Theme
Go ahead and choose a font that best corresponds to the location and theme of your wedding. Planning a country wedding? Try a Western font. You might consider a fun, poster-themed invite if it’s a country wedding. If it’s a beach wedding, choose a font that’s wavy and a little odd. You want to impress the idea that it’s a beach wedding and the elements rule there.

Tie Your Wedding Font to Your Couple Type
Typewriter fonts are great if you’re the studious kind of couple. Another idea is to mix fancy and plain fonts, using the fancy fonts for headers. Some fonts are so fancy that they’re all right in small doses but might be too much if used for the full invite.

When you mix fonts, you can choose the two fonts that best suit you as individuals and still have your say in your invite. How about using a lovely script for the wedding couple’s names and a legible serif or sans serif font for the rest? Don’t use two overpowering fonts together in one invite. One will tend to outdo the other, ruining the effect.


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