Laser-cut invitation cards have earned a lot of popularity and the trend is not showing any sign of slowing down. People choose laser-cut invites for their weddings due to the extensive range available and the ability to customize them.
No matter what your style and requirement are, you can easily find a laser-cut wedding invite that matches your needs.

The invitation you choose for your wedding sets the tone of your wedding. And the laser-cut style of wedding invites is perfect for setting that first impression. These days you can find a lot of laser cut wedding card ideas and inspiration online. You can also shop for them online from the comfort of your home. You can choose from different colors, designs, styles, and prints.

We have listed down some amazing designs and trends in laser cut wedding invitations.

Check out these trendy laser-cut wedding invites

Laser-cut envelopes

A laser-cut envelope gives your guest an enticing peek at the special invitation card within. An intricately carved out laser invite looks awesome. If you want to include the laser-cut style in your wedding card but don’t want to overdo it, you can just get a simple card designed and wrap it in a beautiful and charming laser-cut envelope.

Laser-cut envelopes

Tree laser cut designs

Are you looking for a unique wedding card? A laser-cut tree design is what you need. The perks of choosing a laser-cut wedding card are the fact that you can create any image and shape with it. From the outlines of your favorite flower to a traditional bride and groom laser-cut design, the sky’s the limit. The enchanted tree of life design on the wedding card symbolizes fertility, growth, and togetherness.

Tree laser cut designs

Black and white laser-cut cards

If you are looking for a rustic wedding card with the element of surprise, a black and white laser-cut wedding invite can be the right choice. Not everyone loves bright colors or pastels for their wedding card. If you are one of them, the black and white card can save the day. The bold contrast will immediately catch your guests’ attention and impress them. The black color palette would be great for romantic, moody, gothic, or contemporary style weddings.

Black and white laser-cut

Golden laser cut wedding cards

If you think laser cut designs are only about bright colors and pastels, then you’re mistaken. The stylish gold laser cut designs are truly unique and transformative. You can get the envelope designed in laser-cut with golden color or add a hint of gold to the other elements of the card. A rose gold or gold foil logo with you and your partner’s initials on top of the card is also a good idea.

Golden laser cut wedding cards

Modern pastel laser-cut wedding invitation cards

Modern weddings are about unique trends and unconventional colors. Modern brides are choosing beautiful pastel lehengas and sarees for their wedding day. From the venue to outfits, couples are choosing pastels, so why not choose pastel wedding invites as well. Pastel laser-cut envelopes and wedding cards can easily match with the theme of your wedding.

pastel laser-cut wedding invitation cards

Modern pastel or traditional reds or maroons, you can find laser cut card designs in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. You just need to list down your requirements and decide how you want your wedding card to look and feel.


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