With the growing demand for papers, the environment is going a downward spiral. Deforestation, soil erosion and human population are putting a huge pressure on the markets that rely on the use of paper. The wedding cards invitation is one of the most popular segments that make use of paper in great volume. The natural papers are getting replaced by the synthetic and recycled sources of paper owing to the growing advancement in the textile industry.

Take a look at the standard varieties of papers that are used in the wedding invitation card.

1.    Birch tree leaves:

The Indian wedding scene is an auspicious destination. To make a greater impact, the use of birch leaves goes a long way. They brought the regal touch of the mythology when the Vedas and the Upanishads were written over birch leaves. The Indian wedding card invitations also sport these leaves today. On account of better technology available in printing and glossing, the birch leaves help in reducing the CO2 emissions.

2.    Banana leaves:

Univocal aspirations draw the graphic designers to use banana leaves in making of the INDIAN wedding card invitations. Banana leaves are great in terms of flexibility and suppleness of printing. The only issue that comes in its use as wedding card invitations is the fact that it is susceptible to wear and tear. It also gets infected with insects and worms. Probably, with the coming of better technology in making the banana leaves more rigid will help in pushing the sales of wedding cards.

3.    Thermoplastic:

The Poly-fibre papers made of plastic compounds are used in the designing of wedding cards. From acrylic print to the border linings, the use of thermoplastic compounds fits the design perfectly. It allows the designers to experiment with the look of the wedding cards invitation in a more flamboyant manner. It is usually resistant to scratches and wear. It also ensures a wide range of colours available for use in the pattern and designing of the wedding cards.

4.    Artificial paper:

Artificial papers made of synthetic source offers a great range in the segment of the Indian wedding card invitations. Artificial papers can be designed and etched with different themes and dyes. It is lined with a plastic substrate that gives it a royal look. They are comparatively cheaper than the natural papers. The best features of the artificial papers are-

•    They are resistant against water spillage.
•    They are free from any kind of ink blotting and smudging.
•    They are compatible with the present technologies in printing and block etching.
•    They can be reused again in case there is an error in printing.
•    They are resistant against the infestation of rodents, and pests.

The printed content on the artificial paper gives a unique gradient to the overall design.

5.    Recycled papers:

The recycled papers are used in the Indian wedding cards invitation owing to their closeness of properties with the natural paper. They are relatively cheaper than the natural papers and are covered under the specialty items. The designers take care of the appearance by using glossy polish and chemicals substrate on the surface of the recycled papers.


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