Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations

You can make the guest feel important by using innovative ideas that will make it a greeting of affection. In this write up we will go through some innovative ideas that you can use to impress the invitees.

People mostly pick up the wedding invitation from the local stores. The ordinary invitation card can hardly make the guest feel that they have been invited to grace the occasion wholeheartedly.  Traditional wedding takes place in church – you can opt for beach ceremony; cool breeze will take everyone close to nature; another option is to go for marriage in historical palaces and forts. It is vital that wedding invitation card should carry the theme of the wedding.

Marriage invitations are usually printed on paper, which are thick like cardboard. Going for embossing and multiple color printing coupled with unusual but eye-catching card shapes are some of the ways to make your card interesting.

Good quotations enhance the beauty of the card. Comic couplets, love poems or wisdom quotes can be used; in fact, you can even use poems written by your beloved.

Earlier much attention was not paid to envelop but, with time things have changed. Today, envelop gets the same attention as the wedding card. You can use fancy laces, small plastic wedding couples, shapes of hearts, save the date note on card envelop.

Care should be taken while sending invitation cards to elders. In case, the theme of wedding invitation is comic, make sure it does not hurt their traditional values and beliefs. If you are not sure how they will react to it, then it is good to make categories. In one category, you can put school and college friends – mostly people of the same age group; in the second category place relatives and in the third one put colleagues and people you have professional relations. Even it will help you to develop business contacts. You can send different marriage invitation cards according to category.

Nowadays lots of wedding parties have a theme and dress code. Decorate cards accordingly; if the theme of the wedding is “go green” then you use green with other color combination, pictures of leafs and flowers will make it look attractive. Pictures of snowfall and Christmas tree are ideal on wedding invitation card when the theme of the wedding is winter.

Online wedding invitation card stores are the perfect place to find every kind of card, most of them have 24×7 chat services. The wedding card designers will design customized wedding invitation cards to fulfill all your needs.


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