Are you planning a surprise birthday for your spouse? Looking for a secretive yet perfect way to invite guests? Sending an e-birthday invitation card is the best way to start planning for your spouse’s surprise birthday party.

Inviting guests the digital way is becoming an increasingly popular choice with most people. Why are e-birthday invitation cards a smart choice?

#1 They’re pretty!

With a digital invite, the sky’s the limit when it comes selecting a design, the wording, format, font style, music, animation, etc. The plethora of options available enables you to customize your entire invite.

e-birthday invitation cards

#2 They save money.

With no printing or postage costs to bear or card designer to consult with, you’re literally selecting and sending your birthday invitation card from home.

#3 They save time.

One major advantage of sending an e-invite is that they save you lots of time. Most e-invitation service providers also give you the option of including an RSVP option. This lets your guests respond to you in a timely fashion. You don’t have to chase anyone down for their reply.

#4 They’re environmentally friendly!

Are you eco-conscious? If so, then an e-invitation card is the perfect option for you. There’s no use of paper or ink. The entire invite is a digital creation. With no paper trail, you’re actually saving trees.

#5 They’re interactive!

Your e-invite can be as simple or complex as you like. The design can be as simple as a plain invite to something with music and animation or even something interactive such as an album. Guests will have a good time reading your invite!

E-birthday wedding cards

Tips to Consider when Sending an E-Birthday Card

1. If you’re planning to invite guests who don’t use the Internet/email, i.e. your grandparents or other elderly relatives, then it’s necessary to send them a paper invite. You may design it to be the same as your digital invite.

2. If you’re planning a formal birthday party that resembles a black tie affair, you need to ensure your digital invite captures this theme. Guests need to get a sense of the type of occasion it will be.

E-birthday invitation cards are the best choice for planning a birthday, anniversary, wedding or celebration. Visit Indian Wedding Card for beautiful e-invite designs.


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