Housewarming party is the best opportunity to show your new home to old friends as well as to introduce yourself to your with new neighbors. Traditionally, it is a low-key and casual party, but you can easily mold the event by highlighting the best features of your new house.

5 When to Have a Party:

Organizing even a simplest party just after a major move, can create a lot of confusion and leave you frazzled. It’s better to settle properly before getting into party planning mode. Some decides to have a housewarming party after few weeks to enjoy and burst their stress while some others plan to have it after six months, so, they can unpack their household things calmly and regain all the energy and resources to spend lavishly on it.

4 Partying Style:

Success of the planning depends on the execution of the kind of event you want to have. If you want to have traditional party then make a standard guests list and send invites. Consider holding an open house party, if you want to invite people as many as possible and stay away from any embarrassment of shortage of place. One more advantage with an open house is that guests would leave early.

3 A Basic Element- Invite:

Invitations are must for housewarming party. No need to send invites far in advance if you are planning an average event. You can send them few days before the big day. A customized House Warming Invitation that you will get in online invitation card store is just perfect for the occasion. A beautiful photograph of your home on the invite will make you happy and leave your guests impressed.

2 House Touring:

In a housewarming party, the star of the show must be the house itself. Take small groups through the house and show the best features of your new house. Providing each individual guest a personal tour can make you too busy and touring with a large group can give a left out feeling to the people in the back, so prefer small groups and show every portion of the house.

1 Housewarming Party Games:

To break the ice between your new neighbors and your family, try some classic activities. You can ask them about their favorite neighborhood spot or feature. Guests, who are not local, can participate by telling their experience with a new community or share special facts about their hometown. You can also discuss the favorite local events like weekly market, annual block parties, etc.

If your neighbors are introvert or feeling uneasy to start conversation, then you can opt for classic board games. The games like Scrabble or Monopoly can create a casual and relaxed ambiance.

Arrange indoor or outdoor games for the kids, so their parents can freely focus on their own conversations. If weather conditions are bad then arrange video games, art & crafts, etc. else stick to outdoor activities such as beanbag toss, etc.

Follow these 5 Ideas to have a Fabulous Housewarming Party.


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