Proposing your sweetheart for wedding is a challenging task, it does not matter if you are in courtship for years. Some men can feel the goose bumps on mere thinking about proposing their girl for wedding. If you are one of those men who wants to do it in style but don’t know how to go ahead, here are 5 wonderful romantic ideas that will surely make your sweetie say “yes”.

Romantic Idea 5: 

If your lady love is diehard movie buff then there cannot be a more romantic way of proposing her then a enacting a romantic scene from her favorite movie. Yeah, of course you can make modifications to give it that personal touch but still stick to the scene. See the twinkling and amazement in her eyes and she would have never expected anything so romantic.

Romantic Idea 4: 

If your darling is an absolute family person, then you should invite her close friends for a dinner. Give each of them a T-Shirt having one of the letters from the phrase “Will you marry me” and the last t-shirt having her photograph printed on it. When your sweetie pie walks in ask them to stand in inline and you go down on your knees with a red rose in your hand.

Romantic Idea 3: 

If your babe likes drama then it is the time for you to do some real love drama. Drive to her home in the middle of the night, park the vehicle outside her house then play a romantic number at full volume and then go down on your knees, holding on to heart shaped soft toy with “Marry me” written on it. Well it may irk her neighbor, but she is surely going to love it.

Romantic Idea 2:

If she is booklover then the right way to knock at heart is through writing a romantic love note. Some of you might be thinking my writing skill is just restricted to giving reply to official mail and earlier it was only limited to writing in exams and now how I can write a full fledge love note. Don’t worry buddy, take it easy, it is the magic of love, it will surely turn your into a poet. When she goes through your heartfelt words, you can see tears in the corner of her eyes, surprise her with beautiful ring.

Romantic Idea 1:

If your girl is a traditional Indian girl who loves her culture then you should propose her with a stunning bridal saree, a box of Sindoor and wedding invitation card, with her and your name printed together, it should look like a real invitation because every girl dreams of seeing herself in the bridal attire and her name printed on the invitation. It will surely sweep her off her feet, she may not be able to say anything but the trembling beautiful lips and loving gaze is enough to tell that she is willing to walk down the aisle.

Well, make sure that you keep the same wedding invitation card for your wedding.


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