Sikh Wedding Cards
Sikh Wedding Cards

The Sikh culture in itself is full of liveliness and color and so are the Sikh marriages full of colors and celebrations. The wedding is an occasion where whole of the community comes together and enjoys. To take part in this occasion, the bride and groom’s family invites the guests with help of Sikh wedding cards which are though more or less same as any wedding invitations but carry a distinct appearance that one can easily make out. Even the rituals are exciting and full of dance and music.

Punjabi’s are known for their love of music and dance. “Bhangra” is the reflection of their happy and jolly mood; the beats make each and every soul dance to the music. Sikh weddings are an invitation not only to witness beautiful rituals but also to experience fun and frolic with lot of music and dance. The wedding is known as Anand Karaj and in Hindi ‘Anand’ means joy and happiness. The marriage takes place on an auspicious day in Gurudwara the presence of holy Guru Granth Sahib, where shabad or the holy chants are recited.

The adults take the responsibility of guiding the younger ones about their duties and responsibilities once they get married. The institution of marriage is sacred in all cultures and requires commitment and loyalty. The newly weds understand this and vow that they will be loyal to each other. Family and friends later reunite for a grant feast. The invites for wedding are also unique and set the right tone for the wedding.

There is not much difference in Sikh Wedding cards and other invites. But the color on these cards are bright, the designs are unique and the cards act as a humble invitation to the guest to bless the newly wed. There are many sites that are designing Sikh wedding invitation cards and can be easily located on the internet. Where there are a lot of pre designed cards available on these website, there are also customized cards available that are specially ordered.

The wedding is an auspicious occasion and all the rituals are performed carefully. Dance and music are an integral part of a Sikh wedding. The near and dear ones enjoy the atmosphere set by the “Dhol” and relish the experience of wedding throughout their lives.


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