Sikh Wedding Cards
Sikh Wedding Cards

If you have planned to organize a wedding celebration with best possible venue, best possible decoration, and food items, it all must reflect through wedding cards which you send to your family, friend and acquaintances to invite them to marriage. Generally, the Sikh weddings are considered to be the most colorful and the most exquisite weddings in the country. Here, it becomes very important to select the best possible Sikh wedding cards that matches with the Big Fat Indian wedding.

Ah! Beautiful, is the word one should utter while having the first glance of your Sikh wedding card. What make a wedding card beautiful are its rich colors, design and shape. Since, wedding cards available in the markets are expensive and also available at low cost, it depends on your pocket size, which wedding cards you should select. Budget is the first factor which decides your choice of cards. If your budget is high, you will have more options. Generally, wedding cards for Hindu marriages comes at high cost. Similarly, wedding cards for Sikh also cost high. Both Hindus and Sikhs use religious symbols on the cards as they consider it auspicious.

The second big factor that influences you is your religion while selecting the cards. Different colors are preferred in different religion. In Hindus, saffron color is considered auspicious and while in Muslims green color. But, not always, the religion dictates your choice as it depends on the individual. It is seen that Hindus do not choose white cards normally.

What makes cards expensive is the material used in the cards. Designers use kundans, meena, and various other stones and beads to decorate the cards. The stones used in the cards come at quite high prices. Also, it increases the postage charges due to its bulky size. If you want to buy cards with low cost, you can select smaller cards with simple designing. Also, try to see more variety from different shops and traders, as it would increase the possibility of getting the best card in least prices. While selecting cards, one should also keep in mind minute qualities. Like the cards should be easily readable and without any spelling mistakes as ultimately besides all the design and color and other embellishments, the card is in fact the means of communicating the wedding venue, time and other details.


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