If you’ve been to any Punjabi or Sikh wedding, you must know how people take note of everything, from clothing to décor. Well, it all starts with designing colorful Punjabi wedding invitations.

A lot goes into designing Sikh wedding invitations. You have to take care of the color, paper quality, images, and religious verses. Whether you are going for the traditional print cards or digital ones, the crux remains the same. You should check the card thoroughly before printing.

sikh wedding cards

Let’s discuss what all you can include when designing Sikh wedding cards.

Choose a bright color

When your friends are choosing dark colors to design their wedding invites, you can be different and select a bright color. A Sikh wedding is a daytime event, so you must go with the wedding theme only. It will help you think of better and bright ideas.

If you like white or cream, go for it. But you can also try pink, green, and blue if it suits you. The white and gold combination is common. You can go in cream and maroon.

Include religious verses

Modern wedding cards are stylish. It’s more about funny quotes and images. You can think differently and include religious verses. An Ik Onkar symbol has to be there on the top of the card, followed by a religious verse or quote. You will always see these signs in Sikh wedding invitations.

You can also add other religious symbols like Om. The idea is to let your card exude positive and religious vibes as the wedding is also about seeking the blessing of the Almighty or the elders.

Select a stylish font

If it’s about designing stylish Punjabi wedding invitations, do not shy away from experimenting with the colors. A stylish font can change the look of your card altogether. With that said, don’t make the mistake of choosing a font that’s hard to read. Not all your wedding guests will be millennials, so you have to think from that perspective too.

sikh wedding card design

Design the envelope

We often invest our time and effort in choosing images and quotes. What about the envelope? Your envelope should not look loud or chaotic, but it should be styled well. One should pay attention to adding borders to a plain envelope. It adds charm to a wedding card. We talked about the white and gold combination earlier: you can decorate your white envelope with gold borders.

Watch out for blank space

Most wedding cards miss out on one thing – utilizing their negative or blank space effectively. There’s a lot you can do in that space. An image of a bouquet or a funny quote can fill that area. It can give your wedding guests all the reasons to smile or get excited about the celebrations. So, if you’ve got enough blank space on your card, make sure you consult a creative designer to help you fill it up beautifully.

Readiprint Designs stocks a wide selection of wedding cards. If you’re considering designing Sikh wedding invitations with the help of a professional designer, its team can help. You can brainstorm on the early ideas that you have in mind or ask for better suggestions. You never know; you may be able to design the card of your choice in no time.


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