The wedding reception should be planned carefully, as it is vital part of the marriage ceremony. Sometimes different venues are selected for marriage and reception. It generally happens when the wedding is taking place in religious place like temple and church. Making arrangement for the reception is not an easy task as you need to put together various elements like catering, DJ, transportation and food to make it a memorable event.

Wedding Reception

The guests should be given a warm welcome as soon as they enter the reception venue. You can shower rose petals or sprinkle scented water on them, it will make them feel special. Apart from this there are some important elements that you should take into consideration to make the evening memorable. Let us take a look at 6 Wedding Reception mistakes to avoid

1. Arrival Time:

Mention the accurate time when the reception will start on the wedding invitation. Make sure you are reaching the venue on time, making your guests wait is not good sign. Remember, the guests have taken out time from their busy schedule to be part of your marriage celebration. You need to respect and appreciate their kind gesture.

2. Proper Send Off:

Guest should be given a proper sendoff.  We know it is difficult for you take out time, but still it will be wonderful if you can take out time to thanks guests from the bottom of your heart.

3. Avoid Last Minute Preparation:

If you want a stress free marriage then avoid last minute preparation as it generally leads to chaos. For smooth operation of things on the big day make it a point to allocate work. Hiring marriage planner is the best thing, but if you don’t want to hire planner then give responsibilities to your cousins and friends. Ensure that all preparations are over before the marriage day. It will help you to enjoy the celebrations.

4. Selection of Vendors:

Before you finalize the vendor don’t forget to do some background check on his credibility. Once you are satisfied then get into a written contract.  Mention all the terms and conditions clearly. Make it a point to show the venue few days before the big day. When it comes to payment avoid making full payment. You can give 30 percent of the amount in advance via cheque. Making payment through cheque has an advantage as you have proof of the payment otherwise take a proper receipt.

5. Making Alternative Arrangement:

The weather anytime can spoil your party. It is always good to take preventative measure particularly if wedding is taking place in monsoon season.  In case of open venue, put some big tents otherwise opt for a venue that has open space as well as marriage hall. If the weather goes haywire then you can shift into enclosed space. Also make sure there is power backup.

6. Food:

The buffet should be started at right time. Delay in starting the wedding buffet means that the guests will be late for their homes. Sometimes this delay can also create chaos and you will see people rushing towards buffet as soon as it starts. This is one thing that you would surely want to avoid. Starting the meals at the right time will help guests to enjoy the meal and they will remember the hospitality for a long time.


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