Selecting and sending wedding invitations are both exciting and challenging too. Nowadays sending invitation cards instantly become possible thanks to the internet and mobile app WhatsApp. Nowadays WhatsApp wedding invitations have become so popular due to the variety of awesome templates and designs and affordability.

Indian Wedding Card is a renowned online store for beautiful, stylish and attractive invitation cards for all occasions. The vast online invitation cards store comes up with a range of creative and amazing WhatsApp wedding invitation cards.

Have a look at these stunning e-wedding invites:

  • Wedding invitation with two states theme

If the couple is from different states, this wedding invitation is just for them. The theme from the film “Two States” adds a personalized touch to the wedding invitation. It depicts famous monuments from both states, along with images of the bride and groom. This wedding invitation also offers a glimpse of different cultures, enticing guests to participate in both types of celebrations.

  • Traditional wedding invites

Traditional WhatsApp wedding invitations have traditional colors, designs, and prints. It also includes sketches or images of the couple dressed in traditional wedding attire. Sending a traditional invitation card in a modern format is quite impressive, particularly for our elderly guests.

  • Celebrity inspired invitations
Celebrity inspired Wedding invitation

Photographs from pre-wedding shoots work their magic in creating celebrity-style invitations. This wedding card for WhatsApp includes both photos and videos of the couple. This is the best way to announce your wedding day in such a unique way.

  • Inviting through WhatsApp chat format
WhatsApp chat wedding invitation

This unique and visually appealing WhatsApp chat format is very enticing. A WhatsApp conversation describes all of the rituals and ceremonies that will take place on your wedding day. Makes your wedding event more special by inviting guests in an impressive way.

  • Narrating the story
Narrating the story invitation

This video and text WhatsApp wedding invitation narrate the entire journey of the couple from their first meeting to their wedding venue. This is the most impressive and dynamic way to announce your wedding date.

  • E-invite for a destination wedding
destination wedding invitation

Impress your guests by sending e-wedding invites, representing the attractive spot of your destination wedding venue. This card also contains the roadmap, main celebrative events with time and wedding theme.

  • Season-based theme
e wedding invitation

WhatsApp wedding invitations with seasonal themes are appealing. Because of natural elements such as fallen leaves for an autumn wedding, floral for a spring wedding, and a beautiful snowy night theme for a winter wedding, this design has a timeless appeal.

  • Floral theme for wedding invitation

Floral themes for wedding invitations are always desirable. Nothing can beat the beauty and glory of lush green nature with blooming beautiful flowers. You will adore the floral wedding invitation theme that conveys the message of fragrant, flourishing and progressive married life.

These are the most appealing and elegant wedding invitation designs for WhatsApp. You can find more such impressive and unique themes to announce your big day celebration at Indian Wedding Card.


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