Damask is a reversible, solid coloured, patterned woven fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibres which originated from a weaving technique of the middle Ages, deriving its name from the city of Damascus, an important trading and manufacture center, as a part of silk route. This word was first adopted in French and by the 14th century Damask had found home in Europe where it was being woven on draw looms, mostly in silk fabric. Modern times have seen a change in the fabric as well as patterns. With the advent of computers, Damasks began to be woven on computerized jacquard looms, allowing mass production featuring the patterns of flowers, fruits, and abstract designs, usually geometric. The first thought that crosses one’s mind when one thinks of Damasks is furniture upholstery.

It must be mentioned here that apart from lending beauty, grace and elegance to the fabric, this weave is considered to be durable and long lasting. Its classy look has in fact fascinated designers to put it to different usages and one of them is definitely the most innovative and stylish one when one gets the Damask Wedding Cards printed, showcasing luxury, class and sophistication and fine taste.

Damask Invitations Cards

The invitation card designers have gone ahead when they put the idea of using Damask fabric to create and design wedding cards. Undoubtedly, it is not hard to imagine that these cards reflect a unique sense of style, adding life and colour from the vintage era. If the idea is to create an impression of a royal wedding, half the task is done the moment you decide to send Damask invites to your guests as nothing can be more glamorous, romantic or even versatile than these wedding cards as they speak volumes of your excellent choice and taste leaving that awe-inspiring feeling with your guests.

No doubt, they look forward to attending the wedding with greater excitement and anticipation. Be it any colour or theme that you are planning for the wedding, these invites are going to enhance the charm and charisma of the same. They look the best if you plan to make them personal with a message and a picture of the bride and groom but they look no less elegant in their simplicity too.

Damask wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Card has always been bringing novel and creative ideas so that you enjoy doing things in style and confidence. Our Damask Wedding Cards Online collection stand out, revealing their exquisite quality and exclusive variety which holds not only uniqueness but also breathtaking beauty. Our online range is surely going to make choice tough for you. We cater for an array of colours as well as designs both traditional and contemporary. We customise our invites as per your requirements and sure enough, we understand what you care for. Be it the dazzling and flamboyant ensemble or a sober one, our collection never fails to please each of our customers. We always make an extra endeavour to bring smiles on their faces and happiness in their lives.

Check out our most beautiful and versatile collection of Damask cards, available online at the most competitive prices.


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