The couples spent considerable time in selecting every element of wedding from stunning wedding invitation cards to magnificent wedding attires. There is one element that is often missed by the couples, but it is one of the most vital elements of the wedding that is “wedding photography”. The couples are going to revive the moments of marriage via wedding photograph.

Hence it is very vital that you go with a professional photographer. Selecting a photographer for the event of life time isn’t easy as there are numbers of photographers out there, calming to be the best in the business. Here, are 7 points that you should take into account while selecting the man for the job.

wedding photographer

1 Style of photography:

There are numerous kinds of photography like nature, fashion, street, sports photography etcetera. A person who is proficient in one genre of photography does not necessary means that he is good at every kind of photography. You may be having a friend who is good with camera but you want someone who is good at taking wedding photography.

2 Number of wedding covered:

It is next important questions that you need to ask. The experience matters a lot but simply don’t go with the experience ask them how many wedding they have covered. It is quite possible that somebody have the experience of 7 years but has only shot 15 weddings. Also excuse yourself from part time or weekend photographers.

3 Events they are going to cover:

Ask them about their prior commitment. The number of event they are going to cover during the weekend. If they have their calendar full then it is quite possible that they will not be able to give you needed attention. They will be in a rush to complete the assignment and move on to the next venue. It also possible that the send assistants to shoot the event. If you see they are totally booked then it good to hire someone who has time.

4 Get into contract:

It will be good to get in contract with the studio. The contract should cover up the events that the photographer will shoot like engagement, ladies Sangeet and finally the wedding and Vidhai. What will be the cost and terms for termination of resolution?

5 Unforeseen Circumstances:

What will the studio do if the photographer gets ill on the day? Do they have experienced back up team to take care of such situation.

6 Assistant:

In traditional Indian wedding the number of guests are between 500-800, a single photographer will not be effectively able to cover up the entire event. Like in Vidaii one camera needs to be focused on the bride, the second should catch up the emotions of parents –moist eyes when their darling daughter is leaving to her new home. It is good if they at least two photographers to cover up the occasion.

7 Correction of color:

Color correction and editing is very important part of photography. Enquire in advance whether they would be charging additional amount for it.    The color correction is important otherwise your photographs will have hues of red, blue and green. It will not look natural. Also make sure that they are using superior quality digital or SLR cameras.


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