A formal marriage invitation is a must in a Christian wedding. It conveys information about who is getting married to whom, the parents’ names, the date, venue and location of the ceremony, the reception and other wedding-related celebrations.

Due to the significance of this occasion, Christian wedding cards must appropriately address its recipients. The envelope of the invite should address the recipient formally, i.e. with their full name and title. The rules relax a little on the inside of your envelope, but only if you’re close to that particular guest.

Since the rules can get a bit tricky, check out the following guide to correctly addressing Christian wedding invitations:

To Address a Married Couple:

On the outside envelope:

Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Samantha Wiley


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wiley

On the inner envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley


Jacob and Samantha

Christian Wedding Invitations

To Address A Married Couple but with Different Last Names:

Write the name of the person you’re closest to first on both the inner and outer envelopes. If you share a similar relationship with both parties, list their names in alphabetical order.

On the outside:

Mr. Jacob Wiley and Mrs. Samantha Holt

On the inside:

Mr. Wiley and Mrs. Holt


Jacob and Samantha

To Address an Unmarried Couple who Live Together:

Similar to the married couple example, list both names on the envelope but each on a different line.

On the outside:

Mr. Neville Speck

Ms. Rebecca Du Maurier

On the inside:

Mr. Speck

Ms. Du Maurier

To Address a Same-Sex Couple:

Use the same rules as for a married/unmarried couple, depending on the couple’s marital status.

On the outside:

Ms. Celine Dion and Ms. Jackie Nugent


Celine Dion and Jackie Nugent

On the inside:

Ms. Dion and Ms. Nugent


Celine and Jackie

To Address Two Married Doctors:

If both recipients are doctors, address the envelopes as follows:

On the outside

Doctors Jane and John Underwood

On the inside

The Doctors Underwood

Christian Wedding Cards

To Address Families and Children:

For children under age 18, you can include their names on the inside envelope. However they must not be addressed on the outside envelope. For a girl under 18, use “Miss”. Boys don’t have a title until they reach 18. Then they’re addressed as “Mr.”

For example,

Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Davies

Donny, Johnny, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Samantha

With these helpful tips, now you can correctly address your marriage invitations. To shop for beautiful Christian wedding cards, visit Indian Wedding Card.


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