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Indian hospitality has remained unmatchable across the world, and weddings are the best opportunities for it. Weddings being such an important part of Indian traditions the wedding invitation cards hold a special place in the wedding preparations.

Indian wedding cards essentially begin with Lord Ganesha – the god of auspicious beginnings – his image or verses inscribed on top of the card. The cards contain details of various ceremonies, their venue and names of the entire family as invitees. Traditionally the cards were written in red ink over a piece of white silk cloth. Today with advances in design and printing technologies, the Indian wedding cards have become a statement for the invitees. They spend a good portion of the wedding budget over the cards.

The market is full of agencies providing customized cards with theme based or traditional styles. A lot of new ideas are explored and innovations made in the Indian wedding cards. Due to availability of papers/materials and ink in a wide range of colors and textures and various decorative items used to beautify the card, the wedding invitation cards have become very stylish and trendy.

The latest trend in Indian shadi cards is of cards made with shiny textured papers written with golden or silver colored ink. Mostly papers in traditional bright colors are used. Black being the inauspicious color is never used in the cards.

Scroll style invitations used in ancient times is now-a-days occasionally used instead of the conventional card in the envelope style. Often there are different leaves of cards for different occasions. The leaves are tied together using decorative strings/ribbons having ornamental dangles at its ends. The cards are also embellished with symbolic traditional patterns and sometimes with small beads etc.

Since the cards are usually made in a bulk of hundreds for each order, customized designs catering to various needs are easily available. A new trend in the wealthier families of delivering the cards with a pack of sweetmeats and/or gifts is seen. Auspicious items like kumkum, haldi and beetelnuts may also be sent.

The content of the Indian wedding invitation card has also changed to being much more lyrical than before and often including poems or verses. The script of the invitation is slowly changing from being the mother tongue to English. Occasionally it also includes photographs of the couples.

You can easily get Indian marriage invitation cards from online stores. These online cards stores/shops have huge variety of cards, provide easy payment option and deliver the cards at your doorsteps. You cannot ask for more, right?


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