Designer Wedding InvitationsUnity in Diversity is the characteristic feature of this beautiful nation. Every community has its own distinct rituals and ceremonies. The institution of marriage is regarded with high esteem and respect by all the communities in India.

The Indian wedding is truly a great celebration and is considered as the most special and memorable occasion that unites two souls for a lifetime. Such a grand occasion takes place amidst the presence of friends, relatives and other well wishers. Of all the rituals, Indian wedding invitations are something that is done with utmost sincerity and respect. The main way of inviting the guests is through the Indian Wedding Cards.  The cards are designed with a lot of creativity and the designs also differ according to the communities.  The intricate designs with lots of colours and artistic work stands out and make the occasion truly memorable. The Indian wedding cards have become more like a symbol of prestige and status.  The following features of the Indian Wedding Cards make it unique.

Colours: The north Indian wedding cards differ a lot from the south Indian wedding cards. Some of the colours are considered to be auspicious in Hindu traditions like yellow, red and orange and so such colours are used generously. The north Indian cards make use of subtle colours and concentrate more on thread work and more often spend on designer Indian wedding cards. The vibrant colours are supposed to bring in more joy and prosperity into the life of the bride and groom.

Design: The intricate designs studded with stones and other precious motifs make this magnificent. The cards are designed to attract the people’s attention. In fact, some elite group of people spend a lot on such highly expensive gold and silver work on the Indian wedding cards. The high profile weddings are often characterised by attractive wedding cards. Most commonly found motifs include the lord ganesha in various forms, swastika, lamps, candle, and flowers and so on.

Words: The Indian wedding cards contain invitation wordings that are done in a very humble and respectful tone. There are many quotes that are now being commonly used especially among the youths. The invitation cards depict a clear request that would make the guest feel esteemed and honoured for having been invited. The words are so coined that it gives the guest pleasure in attending the wedding to bless the couple.


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