When selecting wedding invitations, many couples wonder whether it’s absolutely necessary to send out save the date cards. In fact, some couples regard it as an antiquated way of informing guests which is not keeping with the current techy-savvy age.

Generally speaking, if you’ve already set a date and booked a venue for your wedding, then etiquette requires you to send out save the date cards to your guests.

Here are ten reasons why this is a good idea:

#1 Announces your Engagement

You may use these cards as a way of broadcasting your engagement.

#2 Showcases the Wedding Theme

Whether you’re hosting a nautically-inspired wedding or something with more glitz and glam, your save the date cards will effectively introduce the wedding theme to your guests.

Wedding invitations Card

#3 Makes it Personal

You can personalize your save the date cards by showcasing your pictures taken at an engagement photo session. It will help your guests connect with you on an emotional level.

#4 Provides a Guaranteed Guest List

Sending out save the date cards ahead of time enables you to accurately ascertain how many guests will be attending the wedding. This can help you save lots of money when it comes to paying for the caterer and the venue.

#5 Ideal for Out-of-Town Weddings

Whether your wedding venue is in a different town or country, by sending your date cards ahead of time, guests can make necessary arrangements to attend. For example, if the wedding is out of town, an early announcement will help guests’ book tickets in advance and take time off work.

Royal Wedding Cards

#6 Flexibility

When you send out date cards, guests will naturally expect invitations to pre and post wedding events, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding reception, etc. As your wedding date approaches, you can easily send out your main invite with details of these additional events and you can be sure most guests will attend (because they were expecting it!).

#7 Builds Excitement

Sending out date cards is naturally an exciting task for the couple, who were probably waiting for this day for a long time. Close friends and family will certainly begin to feel this excitement as well upon receiving your announcement.

#8 Excellent Form of Communication

You may use your date cards to communicate certain details about your big day. For example, this is a great way to share the link to your wedding website. Guests can easily visit the site, learn details about your upcoming nuptials and even interact with other guests.

#9 To Maintain Contact

You may have guests on your list with whom you have very limited contact, i.e. your mom’s third cousin. A save the date card is an excellent and formal way of informing individuals with whom you share a reserved relationship.

Hindu wedding card

#10 Builds a Buzz

Sending out date cards builds excitement and buzz around your wedding date. Be prepared to receive regular messages and calls after you’ve sent them out!

Although a traditional announcement form, save the date cards are an essential tool for planning your wedding. Browse our exquisite collection of date cards today. Visit Indian Wedding Card.


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