New trends in new times have invoked an urge in all of us to do things differently. Something that set us apart and we get that special feeling which we feel when we know we have nailed it. These are the times when novelty and creativity with a twist is appreciated immensely. It must be away from routine. Something that is not boring or old. It must touch the heart and also be admired for its intense aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to Wedding Invitation Cards, the young couples these days are looking for something that is not the same old and usual stuff. In fact, times are trending towards designing the invites with a personal touch. These wedding cards are created not only with a head but also with a heart. It means that apart from the outward appearance which appeals the senses, these cards possess the content which displays a host’s distinctive style. The invitation cards have become one of the most important and exciting part of the wedding planning.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Let’s discuss here some of the interesting Wedding Cards’ designs which are gaining more and more popularity by the day:

1# Shapes that are asymmetrically unique: Many a times the unusual shape of the invitation cards add to their attractiveness. Why is that the invite has to be a square or rectangle shaped card? It can be a hexagon, pentagon or some other shape.

2# Retro themes: Invitation cards in the shape of a record of a gramophone or a cassette truly exhibit the retro style in the most romantic manner. What could display romance better than these musical gadgets from the yesteryears?

3# Treasure Trove: When you get your invites designed in the shape of a book mark, they surely become the mementos to be treasured forever. These cards will always leave an indelible impression on those who receive them.

Wedding Cards

4# When childhood games hold the inspiration for this invite: Ever played the typical board games like Ludo or snake and ladder in your childhood? Take your inspiration from these to create an invite that ensures a smile on the beloved guest’s face. If you were the one who always loved to solve the puzzles, there is nothing comparable to an invitation card in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Let your guests relive those moments of thrill and excitement of childhood when they fix this puzzle.

5# King and Queen: What could portray bride and groom more aptly than a wedding card taking its inspiration from a card game? It would definitely add a touch of enigma to your invites.

6# When colours rule your world: If colours symbolise lively, bright and prismatic life for you then the wedding cards with a splash of colours is going to hold your attention. Let your invitees enjoy the kaleidoscopic invitations.

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

7# When Life is a Journey for you: Be it a cruise or air travel that holds your fancy, get your wedding cards designed in the shape of a boarding pass.

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