The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ is often a cliche mantra that haunts the bride and groom and their families. However, contemporary wedding ideas have a unique and trendy outlook towards this ritual. Whether you wish to experiment with a traditional marriage or adopt a new concept, it all revolves around the ideas of how to begin with it. The preliminary stage of a marriage preparation is the choice of a right wedding card to best suit the occasion.


Read below for a list of exciting and popular wedding card concepts for your wedding.

1.   Say it with the photograph:

A picture speaks more than words, and this can exactly be the way to invite your guests that special day of your life. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot that has the couple and the date clicked. Let this announce your D-day to your friends and family. In addition to being innovative, this would

also be a trendy way to introduce your better half to your relatives.

2.   Go the Filmy way:

If you like to give a filmy edge to your wedding, then you can experiment with exciting movie poster ideas. Select your favorite film poster or famous pose and replace the actors with your photos. Or, if this is not the way you like, then get your better half, and yourself painted by an artist. This is an excellent concept to startle your friends and family. The marriage card will be a worthy part of your treasure.

3.   Useful & Unique:

If you want your guests should easily remember the day then make it the invite unique and useful. Personalize and customize your marriage invite using creative and unique elements. A mug or a key chain with your marriage date printed on it, or a satin handkerchief with date embroidered on it would be a perfect option for a memorable wedding card. You can also try these ideas on a set of coasters or bags.


4.   Invites that Pleases the Taste Buds:

How about your marriage announcement leave sweet taste in your guest’s mouth? Doesn’t it sound amazing and interesting to you? If yes, then opt for an edible wedding card and related accessories. This is a simple yet innovative way to send invites. Get initials of bride & groom and marriage date embossed on handmade cookies, muffins, chocolates or lollipops and send to your guests.

5.   Ready to Play:

How about adding an element of fun, play, or mischief to your wedding cards? If this sounds appealing to you, then channel your marriage card around this idea and add some fun to it. You can ask your guests to scratch the card to find out the marriage date or experiment with a 3D glass/mug to find the date. Keep the suspense alive and leave everyone amazed by your thoughtful invite.

Add these wondrous, stylish, and inventive concepts to your wedding invitation cards and create a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t let the card be dull and boring; rather keep it simple yet unique.


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