To make a wedding memorable you have to work on various arrangements and celebration ideas. You need to organize the entire event from planning invitations to receiving guests and from performing rituals and holding the celebrations and feasts. Doing this, you need to make them work best as per your wedding theme and customary affairs. And this all actually get meaningful when your hosting gestures make your guests happy.

The best way to do this is by extending them a wedding favor which could be a memoir or a keepsake to have in the memory of the wedding. It can even be something to keep your guests amused, engaged, and attended through the course of the event. While you plan wedding favors for the guests you have a lot of interesting ideas to go for.

Here are the different ways you can make your wedding favors deliver your event with great amazement:

Table placeholders and action labels

place holder Wedding Favors

Seating arrangements in a wedding ceremony allow you great scope to offer favors to guests. You can place personalized cards for each guest telling them the table to join and get to enjoy a meal with someone you have picked for them. If you are having a quirky theme, these placeholder cards can get your guests to do a certain act or say something as they climb the stage to greet the bride and groom. You can put these cards along with bells or a glossy stand with ribbons and frilled trims wrapped around to make them best serve the occasion of a wedding.

Crystal souvenirs or brooches

brooches Wedding Favors

Crystals are always a great option as wedding gifts. More commonly known for their healing powers and energy effects, besides of course, for adding grace to your décor cabinet, crystals have all the reasons to impressively favor your guests at the wedding. Crystals can be in different designs representing a rose, ball, unicorns, honeymoon car, angels, or some religious symbol. These can be even offered as a brooch or any other adornment to be worn by the guests. This may be bestowed to them when they are received at the ceremony or at the time they depart.

Instant photo frames

photo frames Favors

Well, this is one of the most useful and practical ideas to be used as personalized wedding favors. Here, you can get the plain frames created with wood, baroque material, shells, beads, or even straws in different designs and color options. These photo frames can be used to put in the freshly clicked pictures with the bride and groom or on decorated photo booths that have quirky art and messages on them. You can get these frames ready with your photos done by the appointed person to have with you a memorable wedding favor forever.

Jars of honey

Jars of honey

Jars of honey are again a great way to impress your wedding guests. Here you can try endorsing a local farm supplier unit or an independent crafter to be assured of the genuine edible honey. The jar containing the honey can have the details of the wedding to act as a memento for the event. This can be easily done by adding personalized labels on the jar or creating custom design caps that depict the date, names, and a beautiful message about the occasion. This lovely little honey jar can be with the recipient forever reminding them of the sweet memories of the wedding.

To Conclude

These are just a few interesting options that can be tried as a wedding favor. There are wine labels, greeting tags, gift bags, key chains, personal charms, and many other options that you can try depending on your personal choice and preference. Apart from these, you can have personalized wedding favors and curated wedding favor boxes to serve your purpose in an attractive and impressive manner, best serving your idea and theme of the wedding.


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