Indian Weddings are laced with so many beautiful rituals. Gifting your guests with some take away gift has always been an age-old tradition. Earlier, the guests were given fruits, sweets or nuts at the time of departure. One can call it a thank you gesture of the host.

It expressed gratefulness that the guests took out time to come to attend the wedding. Though many things have changed since then this gesture is still followed. Be it the groom’s guests or the bride’s guests, both the families plan out their gifts for their guests prior to their arrival. The present times focus more on presentation. A well decorated and packed gift gets all the attention. It is natural to experience the takeaway change of ideas from the past. Present ones are more interesting and definitely pique the curiosity of the guests.

These Wedding Favors are the trendiest of all. The best part about them is if you have given sincere thought to this, wedding favors in no way are expensive. They are only stylish with dainty looks that mesmerise the onlookers.

Here are some unique Indian Wedding Favour ideas:

1# Brocade Pouches/Potlis or Small Jewellery Boxes: Who doesn’t get fascinated by these bright coloured brocade pouches, potlis or jewellery boxes that speak of elegance unlimited. Brocade stuff is timeless and these vibrant coloured items never fail to be appreciated and loved by the guests.

Wedding Boxes

2# Miniature Perfume and Essential Oil Bottles: No one has the heart to not fall in love with fragrant delights. When it comes to exotic perfumes or essential oils, it is any woman’s first love.

3# Scented Candles and Hand Made Soaps: Who can resist the aromatic candles in beautiful shapes and colours along with these classy bars of handmade soaps? They are loved unconditionally and you will get all the accolades for such brilliant ideas.

4# A Scarf or A Stole: The silky touch of a scarf or a stole adds to the pleasure and there is no woman on this earth who has enough of them. Choose this as your wedding favour with confidence and enjoy the compliments.

Wedding Favors

5# Beauty in Green: A beautiful plant in a stylish pot or a bottle will become a rage with the guests. These natural beauties will add an additional feather to your cap and you will be called the most thoughtful host.

6# Chocolates and Salted Nuts: When it is an edible gift, nothing can beat some assorted choice of chocolates and dried, salted nuts. They are relished by one and all.

7# Herb Oil and Fruit Preserves: Another of edible delights can be herb oil in a bottle that showcases the goodness of the herb which can accentuate the visual pleasure. Along with this some fruit preserves will be loved for the purity of taste.

8# Miniature Alcohol Bottles: These will prove to be the most beautiful keepsakes because alcohol bottles in diminutive sizes have a great aesthetic appeal.

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