Wedding is a ritual that has been performed by all religions since the creation of universe, it seems. This tradition has undergone many changes but the institution remains as important as it was in earlier times. As traditional as wedding is so is the tradition of sending invites; but this tradition also has undergone significant changes. Invites in Middle India were sent in the form of Yellow Rice (Peele Chawal). Yellow Rice is an auspicious symbol that initiate wedding. This tradition is still followed but as in earlier times the symbolic rice is not sent as the form of invitation. This tradition was long back, and then came the tradition of sending lagan Patrika which was a type of wedding invite.

People still follow customary way of inviting friends and relatives but with modern methods. The wedding invites to the distant relatives were sent through snail mails earlier. The relatives were informed much earlier through Manuhar patrika and then invites were sent through snail mails. Now with the advancement of technology the world has become small and so it is easier to contact distant relatives and make them a part of all the ceremonies. The wedding cards are no longer difficult to send as there is now the option of e-cards. Wedding cards can be customized online and can be sent to as many friends and relatives as one wants. This method of inviting people has made the whole process much easier to execute.

Drastic change from Tradition to Modernity in Cards

The printed cards have also undergone many changes the design, font and paper all are different from the middle ages. The wedding cards in traditional times were hand written but now these are printed and that too in many styles: engraving, lithography, thermograph, letterpress printing, sometimes blind embossing, compression plate process, or offset printing. Earlier the clichéd words were written on almost all cards but now people have let their creativity fill the simple words in the form of poetry and prose. The response cards  are also attached with the cards which require the response of the guests that they are attending the wedding or not. The response cards help the host to make the necessary arrangements. Wedding websites are also a new development that has taken place. These websites contain all the information about the wedding and guests can visit these any time to get all the updates about the same. The guests can also register whether they would be coming to attend the wedding or not. These websites contain all the necessary information about the wedding along with pictures. This makes the event more personal as distant relatives can view all the ceremonies.

Wedding and the manner of its execution may have undergone various changes but the bond that one shares with family and friends is still the same; one still holds the values and customs close to the heart. The technological advancement has made everything easier keeping the tradition intact. The family and friends still enjoy the festivities with full zest and vigor.


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