Theme Based Card
Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations have a special place in every culture across globe. Where these mark the union of two souls, these also are a great means to seek the guest’s presence at the occasion. With the diversity in cultures, the wedding cards also differ and what remains the same is their essence and that it is the humble request by the to-be-bride or groom’s family.

Wedding cards have evolved with time. Where there were simple one fold cards in the past, it has taken new shapes, sizes and designs. With the evolution, the wedding card printing has also improved. Now invitations for weddings have several embellishments and accessories such as gemstones and other decorative pieces making it an altogether rich card. In addition to these, the designer invitation cards are also popular. These designer cards are designed uniquely and are one of their kind. The range of these unique cards includes choices with respect to paper, texture, printing and other accessories.

The heavy card stock paper type of the most commonly used as it is thick and it responds well to the printing quality and there is no smudging and bleeding. The paper size is no problem and the color of the paper ranges from white, off white or ecru. It is also available in many other colors and textures. Cotton and linen are the other paper types that go well with the wedding invitations and printing on it is of superior quality. These are also known for their retain ability and the printed cards last for years. The other type of paper is the Vellum which is a crepe paper and is very thin. It is generally used to cover the wedding invitations. Its aesthetic appeal when colorful images and borders are printed on it is class apart. The most sought after paper choice for those who wish to protect the environment is the handmade paper and recycled paper. Comparatively, the handmade paper is a little costly but its appeal is one of its kind. The recycled paper on the other hand shows your environmental concern and it comes for cheap.

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