Just like designing a wedding invitation card, writing the content of the invitation is also difficult. You have to be precise while doing so, and care should be taken to not miss out mentioning the names of any of your beloved relatives or friends, especially in the list where you thank your family members. Missing out someone important might offend the person. Moreover, since wedding is a onetime affair, such mistakes should be avoided.

It is essential to keep certain things in mind while finalizing the content of the invitation card. Special mention of the first family of both the bride and groom in their respective invitation card is a must. Even if your parents aren’t paying the bill for the invitation card, a mention of their name in the card shows your love and respect towards them.

wedding invitation cards

Some other basic contents that a wedding cards online needs mentioning, apart from the name of the couple and their parents, are the wedding venue and timing details along with the contact information. The theme of the wedding, if any, also needs special mentioning. If you need a confirmation from the guests whether they would be present for the wedding or not, then you can add a note of RSVP at the end.

With time, the ways wedding invitation cards are designed and worded have changed. Initially Indian wedding cards where stylized in a traditional and ethnic manner. With the name of the God and his/her picture printed or embossed on it, the card used to begin with a Sanskrit Sholka. In addition, the list of the people to thank for was vast, with distant relatives too mentioned in it. However, this pattern has now changed and a lot of creativity and digitalization has taken over, with minimal information and more emphasis given on how creatively/innovatively a card is designed.

Innovative wedding contents are becoming popular these days. Less words and more information is the present-day mantra for wedding invitation cards.

A lot of couples are coming up with creative wedding themes, which depend on their interests. For instance, if you are planning a wedding of a fairy tale concept then your wedding invitation card should comprise of content that reads like a fairy tale story that starts with “Once there lived…” and ends with “and they got married and lived happily ever after”. You can conceptualize the words as per the theme to enhance the whole wedding experience.

wedding invitation cards

If you want to add humor to the invite, then you can create a content that would leave a smile on your guest’s face. This is certainly a good way to make the guests remember about the wedding date, and in fact look forward to it.

Moreover, just a simple list giving important details of the wedding can do the trick. This will give you enough space to get creative with the rest of the graphics or design. Depending on the content, the size of the invitation card differs.
Add content that is of utmost importance to you and your family, but remember to do it in style!


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