The wedding season is in full swing. Most of you may have got wedding invitation card from friends or relatives. Now you must be thinking what you should gift them. There are numerous products available, but just make sure, what you are gifting is useful and not common. Selecting such item becomes a tough task as on this day they flooded with gifts. The most common being sandwich maker, oven, juicer, walls clocks etcetera. Now you must wondering what to gift the couples, so here we are going to tell you top 5 modern wedding gifts for couples.

Wedding Gifts

1 Digital Photo Frame:

The couples are going to love this gift. They can put hundreds of wedding pictures in digital format in a digital photo frame. All the snaps will run in a slide show. It will automatically change after limited intervals. This way the most precious moment of their life is going to be in front of their eyes always. Of-course they are always going to remember you for giving such wonderful gift.

2 Handy Cam:

Wedding is the journey of love, commitment and togetherness. There are numerous moments like honeymoon, birthdays, anniversary and other instances that couples would love to record and see it with their loves ones. A handy cam will help them to record and treasure these memorable movements for lifetime. You can gift them a latest handy cam. It is going to be sentimental gift for them. By gifting this you will become an integral part of their every loving moment that they are catching in frames.

3 Health Club Memberships:

All of us know that workout is good for health, but have you thought how it would be, if you have your spouse as your workout partner? Well it is going to be fitness with love, well “love” of course is going to be the better half. You can gift newlyweds a health club membership. This way they will move towards good health and fit body. Well, surely it is going to be a unique gift. Do we need to say that they are going to thank you from the core of their heart?

4 Paintings:

Gift the couple painting. It shows rich taste in life. You can gift painting of Mughal era, nature, or modern art. Anything would be magnificent. If you want to go for something unique then you can gift them their own painting. For this you would need to contact professional painter. The painter would paint a brilliant portrait of the couple. Having their own portrait on the wall is fanatic experience. It creates a magic that thousand photographs cannot create. The newlyweds will surely appreciate the time & efforts you put to get it done.

5 Honeymoon Package:

Just after the wedding, every couple eagerly looks towards honeymoon. This gives them opportunity to spend quality time together. Exploring the beauty of nature and making love. This makes the two hearts one soul, so it would be amazing idea to gift newlyweds honeymoon package at some exotic location.


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