The natural beauty of flowers makes them the top choice for wedding decoration. They are available in a huge number of colors and variety, eventually making the selection of the right flower for the wedding a daunting task. You have to take into consideration the color, scent, size, style even the costumes of bride and the groom while shopping for flowers for the big day. Every flower has a distinct characteristic eventually making it unique and beautiful. Talking about wedding decoration the widely used flowers are Tulip, Calla Lily and Rose.  Let us have a quick look at top 5 wedding flowers.

1 Rose:

The red from centuries are known for passionate love, joy and beauty. Any proposal of love is considered to be incomplete without this symbol of love. Words matters a lot but when you say it with an elegant rose to your sweetheart then probability of hearing a “yes” is always high. The rose looks great in every shade whether it is pink, red or white. This is the reason that they are the first choice for decorating corsages, buttonholes, bouquets and table centers. The red roses signify passionate love while the white rose stands for youthful innocent pure love.  The charming ivory rose depicts fidelity while the pink rose shows the gratitude for being together.  The yellow rose is symbol of selflessness and friendship.   All these unique characteristics coupled with pleasant fragrance and affordable price has made it the first choice for wedding flower. The brides love to incorporate the different shades of rose for the bouquet mainly depending on the meaning of the color.

Wedding Rose

2 Calla Lilies
These fashionable flowers signify splendid beauty.   It enhances the aesthetic appeal of any arrangement. Most of the bride feels they are perfect for grand occasion like engagement and wedding. They can be been found in dark purple to the elegant ivory. The calla lilies come in different sizes, making it easy to select the appropriate size for creating striking bouquets and center pieces. They can be bit expansive if you are going for them in off season, while in the right season they are easily affordable.

Calla Lilies

3 Orchids
The pricey Orchids stand for unconditional love and timeless beauty. It comes up as a classy choice for wedding because of its striking appearance.

Wedding Orchids

4 Tulips
If you are tying the knot in springs then nothing can beat the beauty of Tulips. During springs they are available in a variety of colors. Like rose they also symbolize undying love, loyalty, commitment and passion. The different colors tulips make it easy to blend it with different wedding themes.

Wedding Tulips

5 Chrysanthemums
They are also popularly known as golden flowers. These flowers don’t have any scent; they are ideal choice for brides who are allergic to some flower scents. Moreover, Chrysanthemums signifies love, prosperity, good health in abundance. All these three things are welcome in any wedding.
The choice of flowers is generally a personal decision, but you should take into consideration theme of the wedding and color & fabric of the bridal wear for the evening. Taking advice from the Florist or your wedding planner will definitely makes things easy. The effect will be evident in the wedding photographs, the memento of your beginning of unforgettable journey of love & bliss.


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