Planning a Sikh wedding is exciting. It is decorated with a full load of food options, drums and dhols, and a spectacular Punjabi wedding invitation card. The guests may arrive at the wedding spellbound after witnessing your interest in wedding preparations. Such is the charm that a Sikh wedding invitation carries. With a huge variety of Sikh wedding cards online, it would be confusing to choose the perfect invite. Let us help!

Here’s how you can choose the best Sikh wedding invitation easily.

Be versed with Sikh rituals

Before you plunge into finding the right wedding invite, you must be versed in knowing different Sikh rituals and traditions. It will help you make your friends understand the significance of the card. You can then customize the card. Punjabi wedding invitation cards are grand with fervour and beauty. Punjabi weddings are lavish and luxurious. People remember Sikh weddings for years. Likewise, they remember the grand Sikh wedding cards. All this sums up to you being an expert in knowing Sikh traditions to suit your requirements.

Add celebratory flavor to the card

At a Sikh wedding, you’re sure to celebrate more than expected. It’s exciting to add details of your wedding in a similar manner. Use wordings that may interest the guests to arrive early at your wedding and grace the occasion. Sikh weddings begin with Shri Akhand Path to seek blessings of the Almighty. It is followed by Roka and Sagai (engagement). Add all these details in a fun manner so that you earn praise for being attentive and making your guests tickle.

Wedding card design

While designing a Sikh wedding card, you must ensure that you hire a professional card designer, such as Readiprint Designs. They must be expert in picking the best material, i.e., accessories, papers, and fabric. You can choose velvet and silk fabric to design the card. Mix and match the style to create a perfect Sikh wedding invitation. You can decorate your card with Sikh religious symbols, such as Ik Onkar, and add religious wordings. Add colours that complement the theme of your wedding.

Wedding card structure

Like other wedding invites, Sikh wedding cards are two-sided, including details regarding venue, date, and timing. You can use silk paper, ivory sheets, and vellum paper to decorate the envelope. You can enclose your wedding invite in a trendy envelope exuding regal finish. It should define the Punjabi trend and culture. The card design should have cultural significance.

While considering Sikh wedding cards, make sure to use this information that can help you decide better. It should represent the Punjabi culture in a creative manner. Add festive fervours to the card. Use silhouettes, colours, and images that represent Sikh rituals.

Readiprint Designs offers a wide variety of wedding invitation cards and can help you design the perfect Sikh wedding invitation without much hustle. If you’re looking for a traditional Sikh wedding card, you can connect with their designers for a productive conversation.


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