If you’ve ever been to a Punjabi wedding, you would know how rich and colorful everything looks. From décor to dresses, you can see the true Punjabi style in everything. Not to forget the Punjabi wedding cards that make noise for all the right reasons. They are the essence of a Punjabi or Sikh wedding.

Sikh wedding invitations are unique for sure; you can make this out from their color, texture, font, symbols, and design. You will find unique themes in the card. What makes them special is the religious symbols and verses in the first place. Sikh wedding is all about bright colors and delicious food.

Sikh Wedding Cards

You must have seen the wedding pictures of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. She took wedding vows in a Gurudwara. Most guests that we could see through the internet were wearing vibrant colors. Kareena Kapoor Khan looked elegant in a pink lehenga while Rani Mukherjee in a gold and blue lehenga with a green dupatta. It can give you an idea of what a Sikh wedding is all about.

Let’s explore more about Sikh wedding cards and what makes them special.

Spiritual symbols

Sikh Invitation Symbol

If you’ve got a Sikh wedding invitation recently, you can go deep and observe it with a sharp eye. You will find the Ik Onkar or Khalsa symbol gracing the card. The wedding couple considers it good luck to seek blessings of the Almighty as they start a new journey together.

Religious wordings

Another thing that makes Sikh wedding cards unique is religious wordings. These wordings are either attributed to God or the elders. In Hindu culture, seniors and elders have the highest place. So, it’s evident to seek their blessings during the wedding. It’s an auspicious occasion to regard and respect them.

Elegant fonts

In a wedding card, you will find different font styles and sizes. A Sikh wedding invitation is no exception to this. However, what makes it stand out is the choice of font. As elegant as the card so is the font.

Punjabi wedding cards are known for their vibrant colors and rich design. It could be any theme, but the card has to look classy.

Imaginative design

Royal Sikh Wedding Card

People pay heed to choose the best of everything when designing a Sikh wedding invitation. It could be caricatures, photographs, animated videos, etc. Like other religions, Sikhs like to experiment with wedding cards and bring out the best design possible. All these inclusions make a Punjabi wedding card unique.

Punjabis go to lengths to find the perfect card design. They brainstorm with several card designers before finalizing the one. The next time you receive a Sikh wedding invitation, make sure you observe the minutest details to find out what goes behind designing these elegant cards.

If you’re considering designing a stylish Punjabi wedding card for your big day, you can brainstorm with the Readiprint Designs team. They are the pioneers in designing engagement and wedding cards. You can look through a wide selection of prints and patterns before you finalize the one for yourself.

It’s your wedding, and you must explore different wedding card styles without hesitation. Surprise your guests with an exclusive card design that makes them excited, and they may arrive sooner than expected to share joy and happiness with you.


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