When you start preparing for the wedding, the first thing that strikes you is selecting a designer wedding invitation format. There are several wedding invitation designs that you can explore to announce your wedding. However, if you’re looking for a unique wedding invitation to delight your guests, you can certainly choose letterpress theme cards.

Letterpress wedding invitations are trending for being a classy choice when it comes to expressing your true style. It’s relevant to explore different designs in letterpress theme cards so that it helps you choose the perfect one that matches your wedding theme.

With that said, let’s look at different types of letterpress wedding invitations.

Botanical Wedding Invitation

When it comes to botanical design, you can choose from colors like pink, dark green, blue, and more. Don’t worry about the details, as it can be engraved in all-caps, highlighting exclusive details while maintaining the botanical design intact. Pay heed to design the envelope borders with a royal envelope liner in gold to give your wedding card a royal look.

Letterpress Wedding Cards in Geometrical Pattern

When it’s about your big day, you want exclusivity in everything. Why not start with choosing a letterpress wedding invitation in a geometrical pattern and blocks. We suggest that you go with an all-blue or all-black background with light-colored fonts to make the details look precise. What’s more to this is that you can keep a colored envelope that matches the inclusion format. This modern-design card is sure to help you earn praise.

Monogram Letterpress Wedding Invitations

If you like to keep it simple and classy, you can choose a monogram letterpress wedding card. With block fonts and a wax seal, you will a unique wedding invitation that could surprise your guests. For the outer envelope, you can choose a light color with borders in gold or silver. It suffices the requirement for a minimalistic look that suits your wedding theme. Maybe you want to keep it royal by including details in block fonts or a simple, plain design that gives a rich feel to the envelope. Either way, you can go with this kind of letterpress-themed card.

Leaves Letterpress Wedding Invitations

A nice floral arrangement enhances the décor of your wedding. The same goes for your wedding card. Keep it elegant with a leave-themed letterpress wedding invitation. The use of greenery illustration on a white background is all you need to delight your guests with your choice of wedding invites. You can use a combination of ink colors to include wedding details. Maybe the envelope shimmery with golden color so that it looks royal.

Minimal Letterpress Wedding invitations

If you’re among those couples who like minimalism in everything, what could be better than choosing a minimal letterpress wedding card. On an all-white background, you can include wedding detail in gold or silver, keeping design aesthetics an exclusive factor. Or, you can use an all-black font to highlight the details and keep the color of the card and envelope creamy white or yellow. Nothing beats a simple, minimalistic wedding card design when it’s about expressing yourself in the truest manner possible.

These are some of the best letterpress wedding invitations that you can explore to create the perfect wedding invite.

It’s equally important to finding a wedding card designer that can help you create the card of your choice. You can brainstorm with the creative designers at Readiprint Designs, who can guide you through the design process. Or, you can simply visit the store online and browse different wedding invitations and pick the one that suits your requirements well.


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