Many a times we see people regretting their decision of selecting wedding cards, which was neither innovative nor admirable. Wedding is a lifetime ceremony and everything associated with it bear a huge importance for the people who are getting married and planning to spend rest of their life together. In today’s era, the theme based weddings are among the most admired one in which everything is designed keeping in mind a particular theme be it a wedding card or wedding dinner menu. In this article we will be discussing the significance of marriage invitation card.

The type of a marriage card and the text written in it vary from culture to culture and religion to religion. While in some religions it is considered highly sacred and written in a well cordial manner, in some cultures it contains typical formal language. In general, the wedding cards are written in the third persons’ language. There are a number of printing processes through which these cards can be created including engraving, thermo graphy, litho graphy, letter press printing and offset printing. However, with the power of computer in their hand, some brides now prefer to create their cards at home, using calligraphy and printing through laser or inkjet printers. Also, in the countries like India, the trend of hand – crafted card is on a rise.

 innovative wedding card

Not everyone reaches to your wedding and thus for them the card of invitation is itself carries an impressing of the ceremony which is going to be held. Thus, it is very important select a most suitable wedding car which suits your social status, profession and culture best. Also, the packaging bears a huge importance as most of these cards needs to be mailed and should reach to the destination avoiding any damage. 

Marriage being a lifetime affair everything related to it should be grand and akin to one that people remember for life and say that yes, they went to a marriage ceremony that was so special. Invitations are the best means to set an impression and investing them a little more than usual is worth it because these are the ones that will be motivating the lesser known guests or the formal guests to visit. Also, the importance of these is par excellence in terms of their look and feel as well.

These days the designer cards for wedding are in vogue and people select a card that is truly unique in every sense. Right from the envelope to the card’s texture to the printing and paper used, all are given utmost importance. Designer ones are easy to select and you are sure that it has not been used for any of the marriages earlier. Also the client has more freedom in choosing the color combination as per the theme of the wedding, if any. Besides, some printing companies also provide services of direct mailing to the guests and what you need to do is to just hand over the complete guest list to them. They make sure that the invitations reach the recipients on time.


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