Are you planning to move into a new home? Whether you’ve purchase a new house or are shifting to an existing one, starting your life in a new home is exciting. One that calls for a celebration. Most people across all cultures like to mark this occasion with a housewarming party. In some cultures, when you move into a new home certain religious practices must be performed in order to seek blessings of the divine and elders.

Since this is an auspicious occasion, many people like to have their family members and close friends share in their happiness. As a result they send e-housewarming invitations.

An e-housewarming invite is the perfect way to ensure you invite all those people who are near and dear to you. Since you’re sending this invite over the email, you’re also helping the environment.

E-housewarming invitations are quite different from other invitations. Even though it is also a celebration, you need to word it differently. Here are few tips on how to word your housewarming party invite:

1. Mention the Occasion:

Your invite must clearly state why you are inviting a particular person. This can be first conveyed by the image on the card as well as the wording.

2. Mention the Person’s Names:

Whether you’re inviting a particular person or his or her family, you must mention their names.

3. Include the Location:

This is the first time your friends and family will be visiting you at your new home so ensure the address is mentioned clearly and legibly. You might want to include a map as well.

E-housewarming invitations

4. Mention the Date and Time:

It’s obvious why you need to include the date but if you’re planning to perform a Griha Pravesh pooja, then the time matters as well.

5. Wording Samples:

a. Mrs. and Mr. _______

Cordially invite you and your family to attend the auspicious celebration of Griha Pravesh at their new home.

Date, Time, Location

b. We sincerely request your presence at our new home for dinner and blessings. By the grace of God and our ancestors, we have been able to fulfil our dream of moving into our new home.

c. We cordially invite you and your family to share our joy as we host a housewarming party to mark our entry into our new home. We would like to share our happiness with you at a Housewarming Party.

6. Select an Invitation Style:

There are many housewarming invitation styles out there. Browse through a few samples before making a final choice.

7. Send your Invitation:

Ensure you send out your e-invites well in advance. Two weeks prior to the occasion is sufficient. You may also want to send a reminder later on.

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