Weddings are exuberant. The mere thought of attending your best friend’s wedding fills you with unparalleled enthusiasm and craze. So, when it’s your wedding, craziness is at another level. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family. There’s a lot to be done – designing the wedding invitation cards, booking the venue, finalizing the decoration, deciding the cuisine, etc. While you can hire a wedding planner for the venue, food, decoration, et al. you will need to manage a few things by yourself, for e.g., your look for the wedding functions and the design inspiration for wedding invitations.

So, it is time that you become a little more streamlined and avoid mistakes as much as possible. Wedding stationery can help you get organized and prepare a blueprint for your dream wedding.

Wedding Cards

This blog lists some of the wedding stationaries that every bride-to-be must-have. Keep scrolling to know more.

Top wedding stationeries for every bride:

1# A planner

Remember, time management is a skill. You might think you have a lot of time to prep-up for your wedding. Sadly, that’s not true. From the announcement of the wedding, the time flies like an arrow. You need to get organized. A wedding journal can help you keep things handy. Note down all important contacts of designers and makeup artists you might need anytime.

2# Invest in to-do lists

This might sound old school especially in the era of smartphones. But, having a to-do list in front of your eyes every day will remind you of things you need to get done fast. To-do lists are very handy and make sure that you don’t forget any important item or appointment. While going for bridal shopping, you can keep these to-do lists with you to ensure you buy everything needed.

Wedding Invitations

3# Sticky-notes

Wedding planning can be fun, exciting, and colorful with some lovely sticky notes. Buy them in multiple colors to add some vivaciousness to the otherwise boring task of wedding planning. You can even customize sticky notes and notebooks with your name or your partner’s name. What a personalized way to plan your wedding!

4# A Polaroid camera

There’s nothing special than to record every moment of your wedding planning process. Wedding planning is tiring, so you are seldom able to enjoy it. But once everything is finished, you can look back at the beautiful memories you created through a Polaroid camera. So, invest in a Polaroid camera and store memories of your wedding. We are sure you will be overwhelmed with the flashback of the most precious days of your life.

5# A scrapbook

A scrapbook is necessary for wedding planning. You can store all the important things or elements that you want to be part of your dream wedding in it. This will help the wedding planners also. From keeping a pic of your favorite lehenga to a beautiful wedding ring that caught your attention, a scrapbook can hold all your dreams related to ideal wedding.

Designer Wedding Cards

The more organized you are, the better prepared you are for your big day. You can keep this wedding stationery safe with you even after your marriage, as a souvenir of your wedding.


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