Indian Weddings no doubt leave no stone unturned in making each and every moment a special affair. It is not that attention is paid only to the wedding party or the wedding invitation cards. The host makes every endeavour to create so many cherished memories. The ready smile and folding of hands are the common gestures that every Indian host greets his or her guests with. Bollywood movies also at times exhibit some ideas where guests are greeted in some interesting manner.

Wedding Cards

One of the movies with a wedding scene showed that guests were provided with horses to ride on from the entrance gate till porch. Here are some ideas for the hosts to make this wedding a grand affair. Remember it is not always the big and expensive things that express your hospitality. The small little gestures can also convey this very well.

Ideas To Welcome Your Guests:

• A Drink And A Savoury: As they enter the wedding arena, your guests who may have come from a far off place, can be offered some unique and interesting drink along with a delectable savoury, distinctive of the place where the wedding is taking place. Give it a personal touch by getting the glasses decorated to add more adventure to it. This can be planned for a destination wedding as the guests too will be curious to try new things from the chosen place. If it is south, coconut water mocktail with a rice muruku can be very charming.

• Regional Dance Or Music: Let your guests be entertained with a folk or regional dance or music. This is definitely soothing and relaxing and the guests will enjoy the performance of the regional artists. If you have planned your wedding in royal Rajasthan, it will add to the pleasure of your guests to get a glimpse into the rich art forms of the state. Organising a puppet show can also be an interesting idea.

• Choose This Time To Present Them With Small Favors: It can be a hamper of eatables or it could be some idol of god or a small grooming or make up kit for the guests. Present your guests with any of these and notice the radiant smile that says it all. They will be completely floored with your thoughtfulness. This is the wedding that they would never forget.

• Fragrant Welcome: Let this be the traditional welcome with gulaab itr along with chandan ka tika. Let there be a pooja thaali and a marigold garland to welcome everyone. Your guests are surely going to enjoy this royal treatment that symbolise our rich culture.

• It Is Raining Flowers: Who is not going to enjoy this flower shower that has been arranged by the most thoughtful host. As the guests enter, they are just going to love this unique welcome where music from the traditional instrument called dhol will reverberate through the surroundings. They will not be able to resist dancing with gaiety and thrill.

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