What is it about a wedding invitation card that literally takes you elsewhere? It’s the theme, the grandeur, the embossed elegance and the text – all of these elements just transport you to a different place, a romantic venue that’s bright with the aura of love and togetherness. A wedding card is the best way to generate curiosity about what to expect from the big day. Here are 5 wedding cards that speak to you of different wedding destinations, from the royal to the ultimate romantic.

A Beautifully-embossed White Wedding Card

A smooth, rich card stock of the finest grain; gold embossing on the envelope that begs you to take a peek inside; a card that speaks of royal residences. When you receive a card like this, you think of a Jaipur palace hotel, with bride and groom dressed in their royal finery with a retinue of uniformed helpers standing in line, ready to attend to the couples’ every wish. Simply decadent!

A Latticed Wedding Card With The Invite Inside

A rich royal blue envelope with lattice work in the front, with tiny openings that allow you to see inside. Rather middle-eastern, throbbing with vibes of ancient mysteries and wealth. The royal blue envelope opens to reveal a rich-looking cream invite with gold and maroon-embossed invite text. The destination you get in mind immediately is a rich location in the Middle East or in Morocco. It’s a royal invite and the ambiance of the wedding should match the card’s vibe.

A Pink Floral Wedding Card

A lovely pink floral wedding card speaks of a light-hearted spirit, one who is connected to the natural world spiritually. Such a card brings a garden wedding to mind, but not in your neighborhood garden park. Rather, a tropical garden in a city like Luxemburg or Paris where romance lives and breathes through every creeper and every flowering plant.

A Rich Chocolate-coloured Wedding Card with Gold Embossing and Laser Cuts

When you receive a rich chocolate-colored wedding card with gold-embossed invite text on rich cream insert cardstock, you’re taken immediately to an ornate church in Goa. An evening wedding, to match the dark color of the invite. Cool breezes blow in from the sea, as the couple takes their vows, bathed in the orange glow of the setting sun that seeps in through the church’s latticed windows.

A Deep Orange Wedding Card With Brocade Design

Such a card speaks of elaborate taste that’s the product of a vibrant spirit. It brings to mind destinations that are just as vibrant as the card. The brocade is traditional and one thinks of beautiful traditional brocade wedding skirts and brocade suits. Where does one’s mind go? To a richly-appointed beach hotel in a place such as Maui in Hawaii, where the contrast between the brocaded traditions and the vibrant spirit of the island are brought to the fore.

So which card has stolen your heart?
When you select a wedding card for your wedding, be sure to take every aspect of the wedding into accounts, such as your bridal outfit, your groom’s outfit, the destination, and the image you want to project. Your wedding invite says it all – it speaks of your emotions, wealth, your choice, your spirit and more than anything else – your pride. Let the card speak for you; let everyone know who you are, what you want from your wedding, and from life. This is an opportunity to signify the most important day in your life, so go ahead and select the card that speaks best to you.


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