Hand-delivering wedding invitations is a gracious thing to do, as it singles out the recipients as your special and dear friends. By delivering your wedding invite by hand, you’re letting your recipient know that they’re important to you and that you dearly want them to attend your wedding. It’s true that hand-delivering wedding invites to take a lot more time and effort than mailing them. However, even the most sophisticated, technologically-advanced wedding invite cannot make up for the courtesy of handing it over to the recipient personally. Here are some necessary etiquettes to be followed while delivering wedding invites by hand.

  1. Don’t Take Advantage Of Inappropriate Occasions
    If you happen to meet very dear friends or relatives at a social occasion, don’t pass on your invite to them casually. Make sure visit them at home and formally invite them to your wedding in person. Those closest to us deserve that extra mark of respect which comes only from an invite in person at home.
  2. Don’t Pass Invites At Work
    Also, it is not appropriate to deliver wedding invitations to your colleagues while you’re in the office. Hand over your invites to friends when you meet them outside or during your coffee or lunch break. Never carry a pack of cards around at work and pass one to your intended invitees as you pass from desk to desk.
  3. Call In Advance
    You’re excited to let the world know about your wedding, but do call in advance and make an appointment before you visit someone. If someone is not available, ask when they will be available and mark the time down for later. People appreciate being informed in advance so they can prepare for your arrival. Don’t deprive them of the opportunity to greet you as a family.
  4. Be Discreet
    When you are inviting people from work or at a public place, make sure they’re alone before you hand over the invite. In this way, you’re allowing your card recipient to refuse gracefully without witnesses if they don’t plan on attending. If you invite someone in front of others, it can create an awkward situation, especially when you’re not inviting them as well.
  5. Keep The Cards Pristine
    You never know where you might meet a contact you want to invite to your wedding. Always keep a bunch of your cards in a separate well-padded pouch where they won’t get dog-eared or smudged. Write down the recipient’s name and address on the envelope in advance; it’s not nice to hand over a blank envelope containing your wedding invite.
  6. Allow For A Personal Touch
    When you’re inviting very close friends and dear relatives, carry a bottle of wine, some flowers or a box of chocolates to hand over along with your invite. This makes for a lovely impression, and your recipient is definitely likely to attend.
  7. Allow Plenty Of Time
    Don’t deliver your invites just a few days before the wedding. People need time to plan their schedule, so always allow a couple of weeks’ or a month’s lead time
    before the event. Traditionally, wedding invites should be handed over at least six weeks before the wedding date.
  8. Be Graceful – Enclose A Personal Note
    When you’re inviting someone special, enclose a handwritten note from the two of you, personally asking for their presence at the great event to bless your union. Many people treasure letters and wedding invites; you can be sure yours will be safely tied up with a silk ribbon and stored away along with other cherished objects when you make it personal.


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