Indian weddings have progressed from purely ritual-based events to spectacular live shows, with the bride and the groom occupying center stage. 2017 saw a whole new range of wedding trends in India, many of which are continuing into 2018. Here are some fantastic wedding trends that are ongoing and a few that are upcoming this year.

Instagram-worthy Proposal

The ongoing trend is to make every minute of the couple’s relationship count, especially it’s salient moments. It begins with the proposal. Couples post the proposal pic on Instagram and Pinterest or create elaborate proposal story videos with a little bit of their history together.

Post-wedding Teasers

The trend now is to create a three-minute post-wedding teaser video where the couple shares snippets of their honeymoon together and their favorite bits of the wedding. Couples circulate these teasers among their friends and even put them up on YouTube.

Intimate And Private Weddings

Weddings are moving away from opulence and spectacular shows to private, intimate ceremony and party for dear and near ones. This trend is likely to continue throughout this year.

Wearing Real Flower Jewellery

This trend began in 2016 and continues today. Brides are eschewing gold and diamonds and opting to wear jewelry made out of real flowers! It makes for a cute image and yes, a very economical idea too!

Curiously-different Mehndi

Bridal henna is no longer about traditional designs. The trend now is for bride and groom to get matching henna tattoos or co-design a henna tattoo that means something to them as a couple. There’s the half-mehndi trend where the wrist is tattooed with henna to look like a bracelet. The palm is free while the fingers are tattooed with delicate henna.

Pre-wedding Shots

The trend now is to take fabulous shots of the couple in different exotic venues in various costumes and add those to the wedding video as the ‘Harry met Sally’ part of the story. It makes for a very charming addition, especially since the shots create more anticipation to watch the wedding video that follows.

No More Sly Little Bar

Wedding venues no longer have a tiny bar pushed apologetically to the side. Now so now. Now bars are large, decorated and very much present in the wedding as a show on its own.

Masquerade Masks

The trend now is for the baraatis to wear harlequin masks to cover their eyes and noses. The groom can arrive at his wedding wearing a diamond-studded masquerade mask.

Drone Images

We don’t tire of admiring those lovely aerial shots we see in movies. Guess how they’re made? Via camera-mounted drones. The latest trend in wedding photography is drone images and video. A number of celebrities have chosen to include drone images to their videos; this trend is likely to continue throughout this year.

Rustic Marquee

The trend is moving away from oomph to simplicity, with simple mandaps at weddings. This brings the brides and grooms closer to the attendees and increases interactions.

Couple Wedding Hashtags

A Twitter account that both the groom and bride can access, with their own couple wedding hashtag! Couples sign everything with this hashtag – their invites, thank you cards, notes, and letters and even return gifts.

Interesting Motifs!

Did you know about the ongoing trend of interesting embroidered motifs on the bride’s and groom’s outfits? Think bird cages, deer, gota embroidery and much more. It’s not all traditional anymore, with each bride and groom trying to achieve something different with their wedding – an everlasting memory.


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