E-thank you invitation cards are one of many habits that are currently on the endangered list. According to etiquette experts, writing a thank you card is one habit that should never be forgotten. In fact, they suggest that parents should teach their children how and when to send a thank you note. This habit is a practice that is best started at a young age.

Listed below are occasions for which you may need to send e-thank you invitation cards:

1. After Receiving a Gift

Upon receiving a gift, you ought to send a thank you card within a few days.

2. After Having Dinner at Someone’s Home

What’s the best way to convey your gratitude to the host for an awesome meal and good conversation? A thoughtful thank you card!

3. After an Interview

Have you recently had a job interview? One of the best ways to thank your potential employer and be remembered for having proper etiquette is sending out a thank you note for their interest and time.

Thank You Cards

Special Tips for Writing your Thank You Note:

It’s perfectly okay to send a pre-written thank you card. However, those that are personally written are held in higher regard. Some ways of making your thank you note memorable are:

  • Including a special quote or proverb
  • Write an entirely personal note. If you’re not adept at writing, make a rough draft first!
  • Mention something you liked about the gift, meal or evening.
  • Include an image, preferably hand-drawn.
  • You can also ask your kids to help you write the thank you note.

Sending out thank you notes may seem like an antiquated practice but it’s still the perfect way to express your gratitude. Visit Indian Wedding Cards to shop for beautiful E-thank you invitation cards.


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