Congratulation, now you are engaged, wedding is now just one step away. There are numerous thing that needs to be taken care of for the big day. One such thing that is of utmost importance is wedding invitation cards. In a wedding everyone comes forward to help out with different wedding arrangements, but it is essential that you should take care of invitation card yourself rather than leaving it on others. Here are 5 essential things that will make your invitation card memorable and unique.

Wedding Invitation Wording

1 Kind of Invitation:

If your wedding is based on theme then you should go for scroll invitations. Nothing can beat the elegance and sophistication of these designer marvels. You can also choose traditional cards, available for every religion. They are designed by the expert designers by taking care of the rituals and customs associated with that particular religion. All these cards can be customized as per your wish and requirement.

2 Wording:

The wording of the invitation needs to be chosen carefully. The wording and style of fonts will give a peek-a-boo to guest about the grandeur of the occasion. The online card stores generally have different pre defined templates, you can choose an appropriate one or can have wording of your own. The text or poem written by you will make the invitation unique and appealing. Just make sure that it not hurts the sentiments of elders.

3 Spelling:

Carefully check the spelling before you give your node for the final printing. You can ask for a sample printed card, check it carefully for grammatical and spelling mistakes. It would be better if you involve two persons in this process, so that if one skips any mistakes the other can catch it.

4 Style of Writing:

Thanks to advent of computer, it has given numerous fonts and styles of writing. Choose a writing style that is easy to understand. Avoid use of more than two fonts in the leaflet. The fonts should be readable. Avoid too big or small fonts.

Latest Wedding Invitation Wording

5 Addressing:

The most mistakes take place in the addressing area of the invitation. It doesn’t matter how good your invitation card, if the name of the guest is not correctly written. It will instantly have a negative effect on the receiver. Right the name of guest beautifully, if your handwriting is not good then get it done by someone who is proficient in calligraphy. The other option to have color printed labels. The name labels matching with the envelope will look great.

6 Sending the Invitations:

The invitations should be sent at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event. This will give sufficient time for the guest to make adjustment to the schedule. Nowadays the life has become very busy, taking out even few hours from regular routine is difficult, so the guests find it difficult to accommodate the last minute invitation. You can solve the problem by sending the save-the-date-card in advance, so they will know that the invitation for the grand event is on the way.


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