Most of us are aware about the beliefs related to wedding like it is considered auspicious in northern India to give first wedding invitation card to Lord Ganesha. Similarly the color of Mehandi of bride is considered as an indication of love of husband, if the color is dark this means the bride will get deep love and also have good rapport with her mother-in-law. The later might be a sign of big relief for many of would be brides reading this article. If the color is not dark then too don’t worry with love you can win everyone’s heart.

 The Indian wedding is a big affair with numerous pre & post wedding rituals. This is the reason it is considered important to ward off evil eye (Buri Nazar) to make sure the newlyweds have peaceful and blissful life together. Every community has its own popular beliefs related to wedding that they are following from ages. Let us have a look at some of the interesting ones.

Indian Wedding Traditions

 1  Spilling of Milk: 

The spilling of boiling milk is considered to be a bad omen. It is believed that it brings misfortune.  If there is a wedding in your households make sure the milk doesn’t spill.

2 Designing of own wedding attire:

You might be very good at designing clothes but designing own wedding dress is considered to inauspicious.  Now what next? Consider approaching the second best designer on the town as the first is you or log on to bridal attire store.

 3 Lending Bridal Attire:

Give a second thought if you are planning to lend your bridal outfit to someone as it may bring bad to luck in your life, so keep it for yourself, and wear it on special occasion like wedding of near & dear ones.

Indian Wedding  Beliefs

 4. Earrings:

Make sure you are wearing earring, not only it will enhance your beauty but also it is considered to be very auspicious. It will fill your life with love, happiness and peace.

 5 Let it rain:

Rain on the wedding day, you may feel like singing – Rain rain go away! You may be surprised to know that it seen as a good omen. Although it may dampen bit of your preparation for the big day but it is okay if it happens for good.

 6 Throwing Rice:

You might have seen throwing rice on couple during the wedding ceremony and thought why don’t they give it to them beautifully packed in a packet, so that they can cook and have it one day and thank everyone! Well, jokes apart it considered to be auspicious to hit the newlywed with rice to protect them from evil spirits.  It is also a sign of abundance of wealth and fertility.

 7 Let the Kaleerein fall:

As per north Indian custom the bride wears a Chooda, her friends and relatives tie different colored ornament known as “Kaleerein” on her hand. The unmarred girls are asked to sit in a group then the bride moves her hand over the girls, if the Kaleerein falls on any girl’s head then it is believed that she is the next inline for marriage. If you have not found your prince charming then girls start praying that Kaleerein falls on your head.


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