Whenever we get any invitation, the first thing that attracts us is its look, the matter written on, the way it is presented, the color the host has chosen, and really get excited to attend the event or the wedding. Truly, a nice invitation card sets the stage and gives the idea of how the events will take place. It gives an idea of the creativity and arrangements of the host. The better the invite, the better is the host’s image. Now, as we are talking about invitation, there are invitation cards that are distributed to invite the guests in a formal manner. For instance, if there is a wedding in the house, people nowadays spend a considerable amount of m0ney selecting the wedding cards as wedding card gives the glimpse of the event and the host.

Scroll Cards

As of now, many people from the royal lineage choose Box Scroll Invitation to send invites. In the medieval period, box scroll invitations were used to invite kings and their families for ceremonies like weddings or births. Today, the same invitation type of box scroll invitations are used by people for wedding purposes. Scroll cards are called Farman; they are in a rolled up pattern where velvet or card paper is used. The scroll invites are presented in a box, and these are called box scroll invitations. These invitations make the card more lavish and exclusive in look and approach. Such royal scroll box invitation with embellishments is trending today.

Scroll Wedding Invitations

The best part of these invitations is that they can be customized as per the host’s preferences and choices.

1# Religious symbols like Om, Lord Ganesha’s Idol, Swastik Sign, Bismillah Sign, Ekyomkar Sign, etc. can be customized as per the religion and the card’s wordings that are finalized.

2# One can choose the texture of the scroll card like Velvet, Handmade Paper, or Card Paper can be used as the base for the scroll card.

3# One can also enhance the beauty of the card by adding ribbons or tassels on the rolling pin of the scroll card and synchronize the same with the box to give them more royal and elegant look. In fact, when the scroll card is rolled up and kept inside the box, the lid of the box can have the same tassel as the card has.

Scroll Cards

4# The scroll card sheet can have watermark as picture of the couple and same on the cover of the box.

5# A theme can be created with vivid and vibrant color combinations like lavender and dark purple, turquoise and silver, creme and bronze, gold and bottle green, yellow and bronze, etc.

So, an invitation card is the first step towards the preparations and arrangements of the wedding ceremony. Visit Indian Wedding Card for more options or call us now!


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