A Christian wedding is a perfect occasion to dress your best. You can choose stylish tuxedos and designer gowns to make a fashionable couple. Buying wedding outfits is all good, but what about Christian wedding cards. Have you given enough thought to find designer wedding cards?

Nowadays, you can choose exclusive Christian cards online. That said, you should pick the one that matches your wedding theme. It’s not about choosing an elegant card but the one that resonates with your expressions.

If you’ve already chosen a design or going for a DIY project, you should know how to decorate your Christian wedding card. Let’s learn how to create one.

Christain Wedding Cards

Choose different texture

A plain wedding card doesn’t catch the eye. Do some legwork to charm your wedding guests. Since a Christian wedding is all about the color white and black, you can add hues and texture to your wedding card. It can be paper with a combination of cream and white. Why not include a ribbon? A red ribbon can give your card that extra edge. And if you think it’s too much work, you can buy a Christian wedding invitation online as well.

Add quotes and Bible verses

In going too modern in your quest to find the perfect card, you must not forget to express gratitude to God. It may seem out of context, but you can always include a Bible verse or quote that you think can add emotional value to your card. You can find quotes related to marriage, love, and togetherness.

Play with fonts

It’s your wedding, and you’ve all rights to make amendments to your Christian wedding cards. So, if you don’t like the existing font or color, you can always change. Keep trying until you get your hands on the right one. That said, you should avoid choosing a font that is hard to read. Not all your wedding guests will be millennials. You can also buy a Christian wedding invitation online to ease out your day.

Wedding Cards

Don’t stuff it

If you think including everything in the card will make it attractive, you need to think again. It may end up looking chaotic. You don’t like the sound of it for sure! Remember, less is more. So, you should curate the details and include what’s necessary. You can do away with unnecessary decorations or themes that don’t add value to your wedding card.

Make it look like a photo frame

Yes, you guessed that correctly! We’re talking about including a couple of photographs in your Christian wedding card to make it personal. Your guests may like to see how you would look like a couple. You can go for an animated picture or caricatures to add fun to it. Whatever you choose, make sure the final product impresses you and the wedding guests.

So, it was all about decorating your Christian wedding invitations. These tips can help you look through the minute details to create a perfect Christian wedding card.

If you think you’re overwhelmed with wedding preparations, you can brainstorm with your friends and family or take help from the creative designers at Readiprint Designs. It stocks a wide selection of wedding cards. You never know you; may find the one in the blink of an eye. Good luck!


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