Have you ever thought, what creates an impression on your guests’ mind about the ceremony long before its original date? Its none other than the wedding card which reaches from your nearest relative to the farthest one, and which contains every information related your wedding including venue detail, the name and details of the person whom you are getting married, details of your family and most importantly welcoming, cordial and inviting text. The wedding invitation is one of the most ignored aspects of a marriage as most people don’t give it the desired focus and importance, which results in a moderate wedding card and irreparable regret for a life time. The wedding cards have to be personalized in order to make your guests understand your feelings well.

In the previous century, rich wedding cards were limited to the weddings of royal and wealthy families. But now the time has changed a lot with more and more designs are being available in the market at reasonable rates. However, the hand crafted cards are still quite expensive for most of the people considering their high cost. This type of cards is highly popular in the culturally rich societies like India, where the wedding cards are considered highly auspicious and sacred.

These days a variety of new wedding service providers are available in the market that takes care of everything from creation of wedding card to the main ceremony. These service providers are also available online through their dedicated websites and also provide the services like wedding card design, wedding card theme selection and many more. All this has benefited the common man a lot as now anyone can see a range of wedding card designs online and from anywhere in the world, and select one of the most appropriate one for themselves.

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Opinion of the family and the friends in designing a card is of utmost importance. This is the time when the online wedding card portals come into picture. One needs to just open the card website and start selecting the various templates on it. The templates are usually divided into various categories related to color, design, religion, trend, etc. There is also a section of latest arrivals and in this section one can find the design cards that are in fashion and that are ordered the most. Also, there is a section in which one can design his own card.

In order to order a designer card one need to select the paper quality, printing quality, design to be printed on the paper besides the usual inputs related to wordings, details of the venue etc. Apart from this, some websites also offer a variety of accessories as well as embellishments related to these and it makes the best combination. Right from semi precious gems to artificial stone every kind and variety of add on are available. In addition to this there is also a variety of choices related to the envelope for these cards.


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