Your wedding invitations are going to be the first impression your guests will get about the vibe and style of your wedding. So you need to make them very unique and personal!

Here are six unique ways to personalize wedding invites:

1. Incorporate Geography

If your home, the place where you were born or the location where you’re tying the knot is meaningful to you, why not use it as inspiration in your wedding invite? Request your card stockist to create an invitation that features known motifs, iconic architecture or even the state bird or flower of your location. This will help evoke a special mood for your location.

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2. Picture Yourself

There’s nothing better than a picture of the couple to help add a personal touch to your wedding. But keep in mind an actual photography might not be appropriate for the taste-level or formality of your wedding. So why not opt for a silhouette? These are graphic yet modern and very charming and old-fashioned. They scream “us” without being too obvious or informal.

3. Poetic Invites

If you and your significant other are fans of history’s great poets, then incorporating a line or two from your favorite sonnet seems appropriate. This will set the stage for a personal and romantic event. Just be sure to separate the poem from the main portion of the invite by using an insignia, monogram or symbol.

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4. Maps

If you’re planning to host a destination wedding, you might want to include a map that is whimsical and personal. Include places on your map that guests can explore on their own such as the best place to get ice cream, your favourite restaurant, shopping venues, parks, etc.

5. Printing Techniques

When it comes to printing wedding invitations, there are numerous options at your disposal. These include engraved, offset, letterpress, thermography, etc. You can even consider printing on acrylic or wood. Each of these techniques will add a different vibe to a special invitation.

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6. Your Own Stamp

In an age where everything is digital, a stamp with your photograph is a perfect allusion to past. Stamps are the perfect way to add just a hint of uniqueness to your invite without taking away its formality or significance. It’s also definitely memorable and a good keepsake! So if you’re planning to post your invites, consider a personalized stamp over a regular one.

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