In today’s scenario people have started working at home especially the women who don’t have much time to go out and to do work so they do handmade work like making crafts, pots, envelopes, wedding cards, candles, etc. They also display these products at various exhibition, crafts fair etc where these products are highly appreciated and demanded but in this changing environment taste and preferences of the consumers required something unique and elegant which can add beauty in their products. In today’s scenario people give more emphasis on simplicity and quality whatever products it is mainly in the cards which is used for various purposes like for wedding invitation, birthday invitation, party invitation, etc.

Designer Cards

Types Of Cards Stock:

Plain cards:
This type of cards are suitable for the greeting or scrapbook. These cards are the most popular ones and are widely accepted in the first instance as these are commonplace wedding cards.

Patterned cards:
Patterned card stock is printed on either one or both the side these are widely available as 12 inch square with both general and themed patterns.

Glitter or mirror card:
Mirror cards have metallic surface on one side which gives a deep reflective sheen and is ideal for enhancing the looks and design of cards and scrapbooks. In glitter card surface is glittered. Glitter is embedded into the cards which provide a cleaner solution for those who don’t like mess of the glitter, but still want till glitter so as to make it attractive.

Other cards:
These are special or designer cards and these have a surface that more so looks like linen. These are more shiny and have appealing looks than the mirror ones.

Linen cards:
Linen gives a fresh new look to everyday paper. It feels great and looks good to touch it. Most people prefer linen cards because of its high quality and the natural appearance that it adds to cards. Linen cards can be used in many ways like for making invitation cards, business cards, or can be used for making envelopes. Linen adds natural ambience to the wedding cards and thus these stand apart from the other designer ones. Linen papers are mostly liked by all the people especially those who wish to select this paper for invitation purposes. Many beautiful designs can be drawn which add beauty to the card like floral designs or any other designs related to the occasion.

In schools, teachers and children use linen paper for making crafts. Linen papers are available mostly in white or cream color by adding different colors to it can add beauty and attractiveness in the crafts/cards. Linen cards stock is most expensive paper. Linen card stock is a specialty paper, which means it may be difficult to find wide range of colors and sizes. Making the invitation or the cards by your own adds to the beauty of the products as one can add one’s choice of colors, designs and sheet size too. Using linen cards adds the uniqueness and the attractiveness in the greeting /cards which is highly appreciable by all.


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